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Matvey Lykov spoke about the relationship with his Spanish wife


The star of the movie "He's a Dragon" shared the details of family life.

Matvey Lykov got married last year. Matvey Lykov with his wife Jessica Photo: "Instagram" Matvey Lykov Matvey Lykov is already called not only a special discovery of the outstanding director Timur Bekmambetov, but also the main competitor of Danila Kozlovsky on the pedestal of the sex symbol of Russian cinema. The 27-year-old handsome man has already charmed both fashion fans and movie lovers. After the release of the fantasy melodrama "He is a Dragon", the excitement around the son of the famous actor Alexander Lykov increased to unprecedented heights. The father of the young talent is the famous Casanova from The Street of Broken Lanterns. After the role in the popular Russian TV series, the artist woke up a real star, and there was no end to the directors' proposals. In his years, Matvey managed to conquer the best world catwalks - from New York to London and Tokyo. Photos of the charming model can be seen in advertising campaigns for fashion houses such as Gucci and Cerruti.

In addition, the man is fluent in four languages. After such a stunning success, even skeptics began to prophesy Lykov Jr. a brilliant acting career not only in Russia, but also in the West.

“Instagram” of the newly-minted star is overwhelmed by thousands of female fans every day who want to meet the seductive actor. However, the girl should not hope for reciprocity - a year ago, the subject of girlish dreams married his beloved Jessica Sterenos. In Lykov's microblog, photos with his wife, perhaps, prevail over pictures taken on work trips and on set. Matvey tries not to part with his beloved and in every possible way to remind her of his feelings on social networks.


“The most beautiful day in my life,” the actor signed one of the wedding photos. The lovers got married on October 4, 2014 Photo: Instagram by Matvey Lykov Recently, the lovers have to live in several cities - Jessica is from Spain, but the couple lives in America. “It's good wherever there are family and friends. Home - in Russia, France, Italy, USA. Or in Spain, where my wife was born, "admitted Matvey Lykov in a recent interview About his beloved wife, the actor, unlike many of his colleagues, can talk endlessly and with special undisguised trepidation.

“Our wedding to Jessica is not just about legalizing a relationship. We had a dream - to arrange a big and beautiful holiday for ourselves. And we have fulfilled this dream. In fact, she and I are very similar: her dad is Swede from the north, her mother is Peruvian from the south; everything is like in my family, but not in Russia. We speak different languages ​​with each other, we both managed to live in different countries, so we don't feel cultural differences, ”Lykov said in an interview with Hello!

The joy for the newly-made parents today is felt not only by numerous fans of the model, but also by his parents - mother Alla and father, the famous actor Alexander Lykov. By the way, it is not the first time that Alexander, who is widely known for the role of police captain Vladimir Kazantsev in the television series Streets of Broken Lanterns, plays the role of grandfather. Three years ago, the eldest daughter Catherine gave her parents a grandson, who was named David.



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