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Russia and China together will make the sequel of “On - drakon" movie

Fantasy film 他是龙(2016) On - drakon blew up the Chinese Internet.

Company of Timur Bekmambetov will make the second part of the "He is a dragon" movie in co-production with China, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the producer of the film Igor Tsai.

- Due to the phenomenal level of public interest in the film in China, we are with our Chinese partners have decided to withdraw the continuation of "他是龙(2016) On - drakon. The second part of the film will be more ambitious, we understand that we must give everything and even more.

Maria Poezzhaeva and model Matvey Lykov will be engaged in leading roles again. Filming also have to pass on the territory of China.

Pirate version of the picture was a hit of the Chinese Internet segment. During the first day, August 19, the Chinese box office, "On - drakon" earned more than in all the time in Russia, four days mark fees reached $ 8 million Matvey Lykov became the star of the social Weibo network, which is popular in China.

- In China, we were met by a crowd of fans, the film cast was guarded by plastic shields, and in Beijing we had to cancel the ceremony of the red carpet, because of extraordinary excitement.

On - drakon is centered on the story of Princess Miroslava, who is abducted by a dragon on her wedding day and taken to an island castle. Viewers remember the film because of the original decoration of paintings and unusual appearance of actor Matvey Lykov.


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