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Matvey Lykov starred in the film about Joseph Brodsky

In The "Petersburg. Selfies" movie actor played the role of a teacher of Spanish.

Matvey Lykov in an interview spoke about "Joseph’s dreams" - the anthology of "Petersburg. Selfies ", where he played a role.

- Renata Litvinova wrote an amazing script about our beautiful city of St. Petersburg. And despite the fact that she is not originally from this city, but her script is written as if she lived there all her life. She's tuned into spirituality and mysticism of the city. It is a fantastic story. The group of contemporary poets, which idolize Joseph Brodsky, traveled in time, in 1964 - the day when Brodsky was tried. They made one of their friend up as a Joseph Brodsky, and kidnapped the original poet, - said Matvey Lykov.

The son of the famous actor Alexander Lykov, who played operative named "Casanova" in the detective series "Streets of broken lamps." Matvey has a successful acting experience - Role of the dragon in fantasy film by Timur Bekmambetov, "He’s a dragon."

In the movie of Renata Litvinova Matvey easily played the role of a teacher of Spanish language - he is fluent in Spanish, English, French.

- Even though I have a small role, but it is a center in the novel - said actor Lykov Jr.

Matvey's parents are justifiably proud of son’s recent progress. They never criticize his work, and give advice only when he asks them about it.

In his 28 years Matvey has achieved much: he graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the State Pedagogical University named after Herzen, he entered the top 10 of the world male model, leaving the Milan catwalks, London, Paris and Tokyo, he graduated from the courses of direction at the Paris International School of Film and Television, has mastered the profession: cameraman, director and actor. He has been living outside of Russia for many years. Recently he moved to the French capital.

It was in Paris, where he became acquainted with the model and fashion designer Jessica Sterenos, who became his wife.

- Why specifically her? Because we really love each other. But everything else does not matter - said Lykov.

Film "Petersburg. Selfies "consists of seven short stories about love of the city taken by women directors. The movie is scheduled to premiere on September 23.

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