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Male model and actor Matvey Lykov and his wife Jessica Steneros will become parents


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56-year-old actor Alexander Lykov shared the good news: he will become a grandfather for the second time. The artist’s son Matvey and his wife Jessica Sterenos will soon become parents. Now lovers live in Paris. 

Last week, the heir to the star of the series “Streets of Broken Lights”, 31-year-old Matvey celebrated the fifth anniversary of the wedding with Jessica Sterenos. Lykov Jr. shared a picture with his wife on social networks with the caption: “You and I as part of one. Congratulations. I love you so much!". Soon the couple will have another joyful event: Matvey with Jessica for the first time will become parents.

“The daughter-in-law is really pregnant. As soon as the guys found out about the upcoming replenishment in the family, they immediately informed us. Sasha and I are very happy, constantly in touch with them! We look forward to the baby. ” - told “StarHit” Alla Alexandrovna, mother of Matvey. Spouses have been living in Paris for a long time. It was here that they met. For more than seven years, Lykov has been professionally engaged in the modeling business, and Jessica has found herself in the field of fashion design.

Despite the constant employment and demand abroad, Matvey often comes to his native St. Petersburg. His father, actor Alexander Lykov, will not be the first to act as grandfather. Three years ago, the eldest daughter of the celebrity Catherine gave birth to a grandson David.

Matvey Lykov with his wife Jessica // Photo: Instagram

Matvey Lykov met his chosen one Jessica Serenos in Paris. The son of the actor is engaged in modeling, and his chosen one is a fashion designer. In 2013, Matvey and Jessica got engaged, and after the wedding they continued to live in Paris. Matvey more than once openly confessed his wife's love, and, of course, was very happy when he found out about her pregnancy. 



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