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Male model and actor Matvey Lykov

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Why he is hot? Star of 他是龙(2016) On - drakon Matvey Lykov could replace Louis Garrel on the set of new film, so that no one can tell the difference.. He speaks four European languages, lives in different parts of the world and doesn’t look like a Russian. However, it is Russia and Russian roots - this is what he really is proud of. A mysterious Russian soul, which opened under the perfect wrap of model look, affects effectively on the fashion gurus and designers who want to find in the model not just a beautiful doll, but a co-creator and muse.

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Way to success.

Raised in a family of Russian intellectuals, Matvey learned the actor basics from his father - actor Alexander Lykov and joined the bohemian environment, acting in music videos, dreaming of the actor-director-producer's path. Already known around the world as a male model, he made a career in modeling a launching pad for further success and achievements. However, despite a European success, related to the modeling business, he still a true Russian - a little dismissive, and the profession of the model for him - something intermediate between a delivery boy and toilets cleaner, "I had to survive somehow, and decided to become a model. " And today, having overcome this confusion, Matvey Lykov can afford to choose - whether to play in new Timur Bekmambetov’s film a dragon, who kidnaps the princess, or in the role of a Protestant pastor and perform in Woodkid clip - 'I love you' or appear naked with another model in another fashion shoot.

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Through the eyes of the critics. "As a model, he is such a funny, interesting person. And what he as an actor - an open question ", - everybody loves to gossip about Matvey, both men and women.

Like a typical Russian, Lykov likes to talk about strange Russian soul and in an interview with Western media throws a poetic phrase: "I like the smell of rain, because it reminds me of MY CHILDHOOD IN RUSSIA". And the leading designers and photographers immediately discard all their prejudices ON THE RUSSIAN AND SAY Matvey "WE BELIEVE!"


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