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Kate Moss put on weight because of young boyfriend

Model travels to Brazil, accompanied by 29-year-old Nicholas von Bismarck.

No one suspected that the relationships of top model and her young boyfriend would progress so far. Recently, supermodel Kate Moss and photographer Nikolai von Bismarck were photographed in Sao Paulo, where they were on a small vacation. According to sources, the couple did not hesitate, hugged and kissed on the street, demonstrating their tender feelings for each other. According to insiders, "Kate is crazy about Nicholas and tries to spend with him all her free time."

There are rumors that the photographer is ready to propose to his beloved. Despite the difference in their ages - von Bismarck is 13 years old younger than Moss - a young man's parents do not mind their relationship. It is worth noting that the mother of Nicholas, Debbie von Bismarck, is one of the closest friends of Kate, so we can say that the model’s current boyfriend has been with her since he was a small boy.

But not everyone approves their relationships. Some of Kate’s friends believe that Nicholas is very bad for Kate: "She has stopped working out, no longer interested in a career and even gained a few extra kilos. That certainly wouldn't be allowed, not at her level as a supermodel", - said one of the model’s friends, who wished to remain anonymous.

By the way, Kate really has reasons to fear. Her 18-year-old sister Lottie Moss has decided to compete with the famous relative and participated in photoshoots for glossy magazines. To some extent, she's way ahead of where Moss was at that age: Lotti began working as a professional model at the age of 13.




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