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Kate Moss is dating 18-year-old Jake Curtis?

As we know, love knows no age. Thus, the 42-year-old Kate Moss jumped into a relationship after a breakup with Count Nikolai von Bismark. She has a new mate now - 18 years old Jake Curtis, son of director Richard Curtis and film critic Emma Freud. The student of the prestigious St. Peter's Boys Senior High School took a leave of absence and spent almost all free time in the company of Kate: Not so long ago the paparazzi managed to capture the lovers during a walk in the countryside.

Fans of the model immediately concluded that these two have relationship: Kate and Jake looked like a couple. Insiders also add fuel to the fire, talking about new affair of the model and assuring that the former boyfriend, 28-year-old Count Nikolai von Bismarck, is completely forgotten.

The age difference has never embarrassed model - former boyfriend of Kate - Nikolai von Bismarck was 14 years younger than her. A source close to the model told reporters: "It is true that Kate and Nikolai are no longer together. It is also true that she likes to spend time with Jake, who's crazy about her".


Count Nikolai with Kate Moss


Kate has a thing for younger men, she began to fall for them since she was barely 30. This is a matter of vanity and prestige for her: a meeting with young, it feels cool, and doesn’t make her feel old.

It is said that the age difference between the partners helps them better understand themselves. It seems that Jake finally found his own self.

Jake refused to comment on the situation, but his sister commented it on her Facebook page:

“Nikolai von Bismarck, welcome to the family”, - Scarlett wrote, bearing in mind that this guy in the picture is not Nikolai von Bismarck, but her brother Jake.

 According to insiders, parents of boy - the director of "Love Actually" and his civil wife currently are in New York and say that they pleased that an old friend of the family watching over their cute boy Jake.

By the way, about the parents: Richard Curtis, director of the film "Love Actually", and his common-law wife, Emma Freud, have been friends with Moss for many years. Moreover, in the 2000s, she met with the brother of Emma and Uncle Jake, artist Lucien Freud. And Richard himself once admitted that he always liked Kate and he always comes up with a character that looks like her in his scripts.

Kate with Nikolai von Bismark


Recall that the supermodel was officially married to a member of the band The Kills, Jamie Hince. The couple announced their separation last summer, but still has not issued a divorce. After the break with a musician she plunged into an affair with the son of an old friend Debbie von Bismarck - Nikolai, with whom she recently split, according to media statements, due to his addiction to psychotropic drugs.





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