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Jordan Barrett: 10 facts about the ex of Bella Hadid and new alleged boyfriend of Kate Moss



Bella Hadid knows for sure: there is no better way to make people talk about you than an office romance. After the end of the relationship with the musician The Weeknd, Bella was alone for seven months. But now a new candidate has appeared on Bella's horizon - an Australian fashion model and an it-boy with angelic curls - Jordan Barrett. We tell 10 interesting facts about who is increasingly seen next to the youngest of the Hadid sisters. 

Last night, Jordan was seen entering Bella's New York apartment. It can be assumed that the paparazzi are on duty at the door of her apartment around the clock, but there is a possibility that Bella's PR team, following the worked out scheme of the Kardashian family and a dozen other stars, hinted to photographers about an imminent visit of a guest. As a result, the pictures of the hugs and funny tomfoolery of Bella and Jordan, which they arranged right on the balcony, turned out to be more than curious and spread around the media. Thus, Jordan declared himself, and Bella reminded of herself to those who had forgotten.


Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett in New York

1. Jordan Barrett was born on December 2, 1996 in Australia. Jordan's modeling career began when he was 14 years old. He was noticed by a scout of the agency IMG Australia.

2. As Barrett said in an interview, as a child, he had a rather standard dream for boys ... to become an astronaut. "Now my desires are changing every day. In the morning of one day I want to be a baseball player, the next - someone else." Thanks to the profession of a model, he had the opportunity to try on new images every day.


Jordan Barrett, 2011 Jordan Barrett, 2011

3. In 2016, the site named Jordan "Model of the Year", and Vogue magazine - the main it-boy of the new generation.


Jordan Barrett


Jordan Barrett



Jordan Barrett

4. Jordan has already worked with Tom Ford, Balmain, Versace, Moschino, Coach and many other brands. He has appeared on the covers of Vogue Netherlands Man, CR Book by Carine Roitfeld, The London Times, Wonderland Magazine, 10 Magazine, Numéro Homme and Hercules. Barrett's favorite photographer is Steve Clay.


Jordan Barrett


Jordan Barrett


Jordan Barrett

5. Jordan is often compared externally with Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth and actor River Phoenix, the older brother of Joaquin Phoenix, who died tragically at the dawn of his career. Jordan himself accepts such comparisons with a smile and often "posts" archival photos of his "prototypes" on his Instagram page. Talking about how he sees his life in 10 years, Jordan declares that he does not mind living on the island, like the hero of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "The Beach".


Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Beach


River Phoenix

6. Jordan quickly entered the "modeling party". Now among his friends are Hayley Baldwin, Sara Sampaio, Sophia Richie, Presley Gerber and many other celebrities from among the representatives of his generation.


Jordan Barrett and Sara Sampaio Jordan Barrett and Sarah Sampayo


Jordan Barrett had a rumored affair with Paris Hilton 


Jordan Barrett and Haley Baldwin

7. With Bella Hadid Jordan became close in early spring this year. They were seen together at several social events: they came to parties in the same car, but tried not to walk along the red carpet together. During the Cannes Film Festival, Bella and Jordan were vacationing on the same yacht, as evidenced on social media.




Jordan Barrett and Bella Hadid on a yacht in Cannes Jordan Barrett and Bella Hadid on a yacht in Cannes Jordan Barrett and Bella Hadid on a yacht in CannesFrom time to time, the paparazzi catch Jordan and Bella together

From time to time, the paparazzi "catch" Jordan and Bella together

8. The left arm of the mannequin is decorated with a tattoo with the phrase Only the good and the numbers 7'6'16 ". The words Psycho and Gypsy are stuffed on the right.

9. Jordan starred in the Fergie's MILF $music video .

10. Jordan, 20, also ponders serious social issues:

"Everyone should have their own home. There are practically no homeless people in Australia, and there are a lot of them in the USA. I would like to influence this problem in some way".





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