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Kate Moss kicked her boyfriend out of the house

Model decided to separate with her "vampire".

Guests gathered at the Cannes Film Festival were surprised when Kate Moss appeared on the red carpet not with her boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck, but in the company of handsome unknown blond guy. However, close friends of the model are not surprised at the “incredible change". They were aware that, shortly before leaving for Cannes, Moss took a difficult decision for her – she left her lover.

As reported by the British newspaper “The Sun”, Kate dumped her boyfriend because of his addiction to drugs. According to girlfriend of Moss, she repeatedly warned Bismarck that if he did not correct his behavior, they will have to split. However, Nikolai von Bismarck, apparently did not take her words seriously.

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The last straw was an absurd scene between them during a trip to Kostuolds. Nikolai took secretly another "dose" and began hallucinating. He imagined that some prowler broke into their house and Bismarck jumped out of the window, imagining that pursued the intruder. And then began hovering in the garden with wild cries, taking garden sculptures for accomplices.

Kate thought it was too much. She called relatives of Bismarck and asked them to send a car immediately and save her to the annoyance of his presence. And then she made Nikolai to get in rehab, and promised to pay for his treatment.

Bismarck and the 42-year-old Kate began dating last summer. At first, the young lover - he's only 29 years old - seemed like a nice guy. Moss was flattered by the origin of Nikolai who is a real aristocrat - he is great-grandson of the famous Austrian Chancellor - Bismarck. She enjoys listening to stories of the young man about his adventures in Africa, when he got into one of the tribes, gladly drank blood of animals, for that friends called him "a vampire." However, Bismarck exhausted Kate’s patience, and she kicked him out of her London house valued at 4 million pounds, where he settled comfortably.

Moss is not too lucky in her personal life. Before meeting with Bismarck she had a number of unsuccessful affairs and a wrecked marriage - with rocker Jamie Hince. And from one of her boyfriends -Dzhefferson Heck, Kate gave birth to the daughter Lila Grace in 2002. However, she didn’t keep the relationship with the father of the girl.

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