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Kate Moss showed off an engagement ring

Кейт Мосс и Николай фон Бисмарк


Kate Moss and Nikolai von Bismarck

The thirty-year-old great-grandson of the "Iron Chancellor" Otto von Bismarck, Nikolai inherited from his famous grandfather a passion for conquest. His black and white photographs of Ethiopian landscapes subdued secular London and Kate Moss.

The paparazzi spotted Kate Moss and her boyfriend Count Nikolai von Bismarck on a walk along London Broadway, Shaftesbury Avenue. The couple headed to the Apollo Theater to see the new adaptation of Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, in which Sienna Miller and Jack O'Connell played the title roles. Unlike Maggie and Brick, love story of Kate and Nikolai is just getting started.

Кейт МоссНиколай фон Бисмарк

Kate Moss Kate Moss and Nikolai von Bismarck

The reporters were blinded by a diamond ring on Kate's ring finger. However, no statements were made under this item from the representatives of Moss. It is known that Bismarck's parents disapprove of his choice and believe that Kate, who is thirteen years older than Nicholas, has a bad influence on him. A couple who have been together for two years obviously do not care about their opinion.

Kate Moss and Nikolai von Bismarck

Кейт Мосс и Николай фон Бисмарк

Кейт Мосс


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