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42-year-old Kate Moss appeared in mini to match her young boyfriend

Model dressed in a risky dress.

Kate Moss is definitely not one of those people who prefer to dress more modest as they get older. 42-year-old model appeared in a shocking mini at a dinner party organized by the famous cosmetic brand. Kate dressed in mini-dress that barely covered the strategically important parts.

Wearing her dress in the style of the 60s, Kate was able to demonstrate slender legs and slim figure. However, the dress turned out to be too short and played a trick on Moss. At a time when the model sat at the table for signing autographs, mini dress slightly bared the body part, which is not intended to share it with the public. Kate was embarrassed and tried to pull up dress, but failed. As a result, she was siting during the whole event with her skirt lifted.

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But Kate is not used to dress conservatively. She does not do it now, dating with Nikolay von Bismarck, who is 13 years younger than her. Model aims to match her young boyfriend, preferring youth style in clothes. She appears frequently at parties in provocative dresses.



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