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First Vice-Miss Russia 2014 Anastasia Reshetova: "I no longer spend huge sums on shopping"

Anastasia Reshetova talks about fashion, shopping and relations with Timati. Beloved of Timati and 1st Vice-Miss Russia 2014 Anastasia Reshetova became the face of the new collection of the Gepur women's clothing brand. Dresses for the photo session emphasized all the virtues of Nastya's figure, especially the lush decollete. Men on the whole planet can appreciate the attractiveness of Nastya and envy the rapper Timati. The photo session itself turned out to be very airy and gentle, and the outfits will perfectly suit any modern girl. Specially for the blog of the brand Gepur Anastasia Reshetova gave an interview in which she shared the secrets of her beauty, told how much she could spend on shopping and when she plans to get married.

- Nastya, you are a very beautiful girl. You surely have beauty secrets that you can share.

- Thank you for the compliment, it's very nice. I, of course, have beauty secrets and there are a lot of them. I can share the basic: it's proper nutrition, playing sports, drinking a lot of water, getting enough sleep and being out in the fresh air. Beauty begins from the inside.

- Describe your style, what things are in your wardrobe?

- The basic things in my wardrobe are high-waisted black leggings and skinny jeans. They are universal, suitable for creating almost any image. I love short tops, which favorably emphasize the belly. The predominant colors in my wardrobe are black, white, gray, khaki, nude-beige. I like calming colors and casual style.

- What brands of clothing do you prefer among luxury and affordable brands? What is the maximum amount you can spend on shopping?

- I seriously have revised my spending plans and do not spend huge sums on shopping anymore. There were exclusively luxury brands in my wardrobe. My favorite Givenchy, Balmain, YSL. Now I can not spend more than 1000 USD at a time. After all, basic things can be bought from more affordable brands, like, for example, Gepur and combined with an expensive bag and shoes.

- Have you picked out for yourself some outfits from the photo session? Do you already know where you want to wear them?

- Yes, I have already picked out a black clinging dress in the style of Monica Bellucci, my favorite actress! I'm still crazy about a gray dress! It sits perfectly and emphasizes all the dignity of the figure. I think that in the near future I will flash in one of these outfits at some event.

- Do you prefer to give or receive gifts? What is the most memorable gift that you once gave and who gave it to you?

- It is equally pleasant for me to give and receive gifts. The most memorable gift in my life I received from my boyfriend, a ring from GRAFF with a huge diamond. It was a birthday present.

- After this event, the whole Internet said that you will soon go down the aisle, but this did not happen. Are you ready now for marriage and children? What is your ideal age for marriage?

- Despite the fact that my mother gave birth to me at the age of 16 and married at the same age, I do not want to repeat her experience. Before starting a family and children, I want to achieve full self-realization and get a higher education. I believe that the ideal age for marriage is from 22 to 27 years.

- Why do not you like to tell the details of your personal life? There is no mention of Timati in your social networks and interviews.

"Happiness loves silence." There are many ill-wishers around me and I do not want to share my personal life with everyone. I can say one thing: I'm deep in love!



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