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Why Rami Malek was afraid to play in the same scenes with Daniel Craig?




Why Rami Malek was afraid to play in the same scenes with Daniel Craig on the set of No Time to Die The other day the world premiere of another James Bond film entitled " NO TIME TO DIE " took place. As in several previous films, the role of 007 was played by British actor Daniel Craig. The film will hit theaters on October 7 this year, and viewers will be able to appreciate the image embodied by Craig, as well as the storyline of the picture. Unfortunately, this will be the last time that fans will see this actor in the role of James Bond - Daniel announced that he will no longer play Agent 007. Together with him, the leading actor in the film “ Bohemian Rhapsody ” appeared on the screen."- Rami Malek. He played the enemy of James Bond and the villain who poses a threat to humanity - Lucifer Safin. According to the plot, it is agent 007 who must stop him and prevent Safin from carrying out his insidious plans. But how did Rami work with the leading actor? 


Rami Malek - still from the filming of the film "No Time to Die", 2021

According to the actor, he was terribly nervous being on the same set with Daniel Craig. And so that sometimes he even skipped the lines of his text that his hero had to pronounce.

“ When you see Craig in character, he is one hundred percent James Bond. I will say that there were times when I could not focus on the text and thought, "Oh, this is because I am looking directly at James Bond." I couldn't stand it. He's amazing, by the way. Absolutely gorgeous! ", - the actor shared his memories.

Sure, it's funny to think that the villain could be shy in front of 007, but now viewers are looking forward to the moment when they can see in which scenes Malek was especially worried. Rami Malek was afraid to play in the same scenes with Daniel Craig on the set 


DieRami Malek at the world premiere of No Time to Die at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 28 September 2021

Photo source: Gettyimages; Danjaq LLC and MGM



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