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Polina Glen: what do we know about the “Russian girl” of Johnny Depp


Polina Glen "Meet the new girl of 55-year-old Johnny Depp, whom he is going to marry - 20-year-old Russian go-go dancer ", - an exclusive article on the British Daily Mail portal was published last night. Less than a day has passed, and the whole world is now talking about the mysterious young darling of a Hollywood actor, and not about his former wife and scandalous lawsuits. We look through Polina Glen's Instagram and found out that sources are writing about the new passion of the star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The fateful acquaintance of Polina Glen and Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, according to insiders, occurred at a party in Los Angeles in 2018. At the beginning of this year, the paparazzi captured Depp kissing an unknown girl in a hotel in Belgrade (in between filming the movie Minamata). The same girl accompanied the actor during his arrival in Moscow. The stranger was Polina Glen. However, the matter was not limited to only "escorts": according to insiders, everything is serious between lovers - the girl is already living with Depp in his house on Sunset Boulevard.


The family of Polina from Kazakhstan, but later moved to St. Petersburg. The parents of the girl, who, by the way, is not 20 years old, but 27, Irina and Gennady, still live in the northern capital. In this case, the dancer herself moved to Los Angeles two years ago. Polina regularly visits her relatives: in early April, for example, she was in the Northern capital, where she gave a dance workshop. As a child, Glen studied in a regular school, studied dancing and played the piano and violin. 

Education and hobbies

Polina graduated from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, where she studied electric power engineering. But she did not work in Lenenergo, but chose to go into the world of art. In St. Petersburg, Polina founded the L.I.P.S Dance Studio, where girls are taught go-go, jazz funk, vogue, twerk. However, before leaving for the USA, the studio had to be closed.

Dances were and probably remain her whole life. Polina participated in contests and won them. She loves her job very much. She was also a model, she was great at working, it was easy to work with her, but I am sure that she was much less interested in her modeling career. Polina is a very good, positive girl, wildly energetic. “It’s not clear where her strength comes from,” recalls girl's friend Alexander.

This is not the only business of Polina - she also has a company selling willow herbal tea from Karelia.

Glen took part in the Playground LA dance project and trained with choreographer Tevin Cole. In 2012, Polina won a beauty contest held by the local bar "Nebar" in St. Petersburg, and became "Miss Nebar 2012".

The competition was held by DJ Alex Romeo. The main prize was a dinner with him, a cruise in the Mediterranean and a gift card of 100,000 rubles. In 2013, Polina took part in the local reality show Go Go Girls, organized by the studio SubFighters SHOW, which is headed by Alexander Yesaulov.

Polina reached the final of the competition, but took second place, losing to dancer Tamara Patlay. In 2016, Polina gave a small interview about dancing and style:

Bright clothes with bold styles prevail in my wardrobe, clothes that tightly fit my body, short dresses, high heels, and striking make-up is a kind of such bold club style.

Polina Glen is the youngest and most charismatic professional dancer in St. Petersburg. For her age, Polina reached a high level in the field of dance, - write about a girl in professional communities.

The uniqueness of her dance lies in high choreographic training, improvisation, the ability to feel the audience and competently work on the stage. Polina is a universal dancer. She is in the top 10 go-go dancers of Russia, colleagues say about her. She also speaks fluently not only English, but also Italian, she is qualified as a guide-interpreter and often travels in Italy.

The family’s reaction to Polina’s affair with a Hollywood actor

The journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda have already managed to contact relatives of Polina. But unlike the relatives of Oksana Voevodina, who married the Malaysian Sultan Muhammad V, the family of Polina refused to talk to the press. Neither mom nor older sister made comments on her affair.

The girl’s father turned out to be a bit more verbose:

I don’t give interviews without Polina’s permission. Her personal life is her property. Therefore, I can not tell you about it.

To the question of whether his daughter is happy, he answered evasively:

I do not know, it is necessary to ask her. She did not say.

According to friends, the actor is soon going to come to Russia to meet the parents of her beloved and officially ask for their daughter's hand in marriage.

Let them talk

In one of the interviews, the artist confessed that Russian girls have a “thousand-year culture of the nation” in their eyes, therefore their gaze attracts attention. It seems that now we understand why Johnny could not get past the spectacular brunette Polina. She is very cute and caring, talented. I’m sure Johnny is helping her with what she can, but she’s doing her own thing.

She is very modest. Other women in his life tear him apart, and it was very easy for him to fall in love with her. She does not expect anything from him. She is real.

When you are 55, and you are dating 27 year old girl, then there is no drma. You're in love, - said the insider.

Johnny Depp

She is not a money hunter. She is an ordinary girl, and I think that’s why he loves her so much, because she’s not one of those LA women who only want money. For a superstar, this is very important. Know that they love you, not your money! It costs a lot.

The source also said that the couple traveled together in Russia and Europe, but most of the time they spend together in his luxurious home in Hollywood:

He cannot spend all his time with her, but she realizes that he has a band and he is constantly touring. Lately, Johnny is really very busy, he works all the time. When he comes back, they are all together. I think he shows her old movies in his home theater. They are very in love. Always sit together. There is always alcohol in his house. I'm sure he drinks. He smokes, but I don’t think it matters to her. She loves music and he plays the piano for her.

Online life

“Dancer and choreographer”, this is exactly how Polina is positioning herself in social networks. No instamodel, actress, blogger, "about cooperation in Direct". On her Instagram account, she does not mention her relationship with a celebrity (we didn’t find Depp’s hands or feet in the photos of Polina, all the more so together). Exceptionally pictures taken in Nice, Rome, Paris, Monaco and Los Angeles (at the Dubai Labor Exchange, Glen was not seen either), as well as professional photo shoots. Make sure that the girl has a wonderful body, you can appreciate the many videos with fiery dances.

Polina also has a Youtube channel, where, however, there are only 367 subscribers and nine videos. We found a girl's profile on Instafitgirls website (this is not what you thought) from October 28, 2018. It shows all the parameters of the Glen: from chest to foot size. But judging by how quickly the provocative pictures disappear from the microblogging of the chosen one of Johnny, this suspicious profile will mysteriously disappear.


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