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Johnny Depp started affair with actress and model Sophie Hermann


Media: Johnny Depp began an affair with actress and model Sophie Hermann

Johnny Depp / Sophie Hermann

57-year-old Johnny Depp is gradually improving after personal turmoil and litigation that have damaged his career as well. In a month, the actor will begin filming the sequel to Fantastic Beasts, which will take place in London. In the British capital, according to the latest press reports, the American star has another interest. According to rumors, Depp is dating 33-year-old actress and model Sophie Hermann, who lives there and is famous for her participation in the television show Made in Chelsea about the offspring of wealthy London families.

Johnny Depp

Sophie Hermann

Depp and Hermann, as reported by the Daily Mail, were seen together in a London hotel. And according to the German press, the prospective couple met at the beginning of this year. Sophie left her phone number on a piece of paper, slipping it between the strings of Johnny's guitar ... So their conversation began. They liked to talk to each other for a long time on the phone, - the press quotes an insider.

In recent months, Depp was often in England, as the High Court of London was considering his lawsuit against the publisher of the British tabloid The Sun: the actor accused the publication of libel. The tabloid, as you know, disseminated information received from the actor's ex-wife, 34-year-old Amber Heard, who accused Depp of assault during their marriage. However, numerous witnesses in the libel case shed light on the short married life of Amber and Johnny - facts were presented to the court indicating her betrayal, aggressive behavior towards her husband and her assistants.

Amber Heard

The testimony is not in favor of Amber Heard, and her defense is already preparing to continue the trial with Johnny Depp in the United States. It is reported that the actor intends to force his ex-wife to testify in a Virginia court, because he wants to officially refute her allegations of domestic violence, circulated in the press. The actor denies the veracity of these charges. Team Amber is very nervous about Johnny's new lawsuit - now in the States. He doesn't seem to intend to stop. Regardless of the outcome of The Sun's trial, Amber is gearing up for a second round. If Johnny wins the case against The Sun, he will not stop, but move on, - said an insider from the circle of Amber Heard.




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