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Amber Heard started dating a billionaire?

After Amber Heard (30) filed for divorce from Johnny Depp (53) and accused him of rape, she seeks the truth in court. But it seems, that the actress has risen above any negative speculation there was about her... Now press suspects that Amber has relationships with billionaire Elon Musk.

According to rumors, the actress and founder of Tesla had a dinner at his mansion, and before that she was seen in his office in Los Angeles. Despite frequent meetings, it is clear that their affair is out of the question.

Elon, whose fortune is estimated currently at $ 12.5 billion, is also going through a divorce with his wife Tallulah, whom he married twice. Perhaps this difficult situation has made actress and businessman closer than ever.

However, while Amber is looking for friendly support, Johnny Depp is trying to speed up the divorce process to finally leave the dark story of their separation in the past. In addition, he wants to keep all the details a secret and offered the ex-wife to sign a confidentiality agreement, but Amber Heard refused.


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