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Roman Abramovich's daughter Sofia broke off the engagement


Sofia Abramovich with her fiancé

Sofia Abramovich broke off the engagement. At the beginning of this year, the daughter of businessman Roman Abramovich, Sofia, announced that she was getting married. The girl accepted a proposal from her mysterious lover while vacationing on the Caribbean island of San Barthelemy.


Soon after the engagement, the heiress of the multibillion-dollar fortune shared the details of the upcoming celebration. It seems that then the girl was in seventh heaven. She replied to a follower: “We have not yet made plans for a wedding, but we already have several ideas in this regard. I am so excited! We already have in mind several possible locations for the holiday. " Abramovich generously shared pictures with her boyfriend, as if trying to share her joy with the whole world.


At first, netizens suspected something was wrong when Sonya stopped talking about the upcoming wedding. Then they noticed that the engagement ring had disappeared from the girl's ring finger. And then she deleted all the photos with the groom from her Instagram account. 



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