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What does the most expensive villa in Israel recently purchased by oligarch Roman Abramovich look like?


What does the most expensive villa in Israel look like recently purchased by oligarch Roman Abramovich

Businessman Roman Abramovich has innumerable wealth. The media regularly write about his luxury villas, yachts, airplanes.

Recently, the oligarch acquired another chic mansion. This time he bought a huge villa in Israel for some 65 million dollars. For a rich man like Abramovich, this is not money, but sheer trifles.

Roman Abramovich

Why did he buy a villa in Israel, you will be surprised. But the thing is that a couple of years ago he received Israeli citizenship, which is why he turned his eyes to local real estate. He already owns a couple of luxurious Israeli mansions. But even this seemed to him not enough. So now a third house has appeared, the most expensive one in this country. Abramovich decided to obtain another citizenship after he was refused a British visa. As a citizen of Israel, he can safely enter the UK and the Schengen countries without any problems. The new villa of Roman Abramovich in Israel. The deal of the year

Villa in the Herzliya Pituach area used to belong to another billionaire Alan Howard, who initially bought it for a more modest price. He managed to significantly transform this place: expand the site, complete the building.

However, after some time the estate turned out to be unnecessary to him, and he put it up for sale for $ 100 million. For a long time, the buyer was not, no one was ready to part with such a huge amount.

Last year, Roman Abramovich rented this estate. He liked living there so much that he decided to completely become its owner. Billionaires managed to converge at a price of $ 65 million.

Проект дома разработал израильский архитектор Орли Шрем.

The project was designed by Israeli architect Orly Shrem.

A hectare of luxury

Villa is striking in its scope. The area of ​​residential buildings is 2 thousand square meters. The site itself occupies almost a hectare. It has everything that billionaires are used to: a huge pool, tennis court, garden and much more.

Шикарный бассейн рядом с домом.

Chic pool next to the house. Externally, the villa does not look like a palace. The building was built in high-tech style: it combines pragmatism and technological effectiveness. Architects emphasized functionality and ignored the use of decorative elements.

Внутри дом выглядит довольно просто.

The decoration is mainly dominated by materials such as metal, concrete, glass, plastic and other artificial coatings. Inside, the house looks pretty simple. In the evenings, when the sun is hiding, a pleasant illumination is turned on in the building, which creates a flickering sensation. In many ways, this effect can be achieved thanks to the mirror surfaces. The deal to buy a house was completed at the beginning of this year.

Сделка по покупке дома была совершена еще в начале этого года.

The interiors in this mansion are also made in high-tech style. They combine cold pragmatism and home comfort. This style is also characterized by an abundance of advanced technology and an integrated smart home system. That is why the villa is worth such fabulous money.

From some angles, the villa completely resembles an impregnable fortress. Which is not at all surprising, because the billionaire at the level of Abramovich wants to feel completely safe in his possessions.

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