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Liza Adamenko spoke about the courtship of 53-year-old Roman Abramovich

Liza Adamenko was a participant in the seventh season of "The Bachelor". The girl fought for the heart of the dentist Anton Krivorotov, but in the final he preferred Barbara Pino to her. Today on the YouTube show "Alena, damn it!" she told about various offers from men about escort for money.

As Liza admitted, there are often famous people among them. So Liza said that recently the manager of the famous Russian entrepreneur Roman Abramovich wrote to her with an intimate proposal.

"The manager of our beautiful Roman Abramovich tried to get me out. Two or three weeks ago. For three days they waited for me, called me, somehow they decided with me about a meeting. I say "Romka, yes we drank beer on the boat! Well, what? Just what do you want from me? I can tell you about my life, about abuse, but sex definitely won't work.. " But it was just my reaction, I said it to my friends. But I did not answer his manager. Unfortunately, "said Liza.

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