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Olga Zueva and Danila Kozlovsky became parents

Honored Artist of Russia Danila Kozlovsky and actress Olga Zueva became parents for the first time. The daughter of celebrities was born in the USA at the end of February, but the young mother decided to talk about the replenishment a few days after the birth. Actress and director Olga Zueva and honored artist of Russia Danila Kozlovsky became parents. Zueva shared the good news on her Instagram page, posting a photo with her newborn daughter.

“My love, my pride, my truth, my most important lesson in life, my opportunity to grow together every day. Thank you for choosing me, ”wrote the 32-year-old celebrity in Russian and English.

The couple did not give an official message about the name of the child. In Kozlovsky's social networks, information about the birth of his daughter did not appear, but fans leave their congratulations on the completion of other posts under his posts.

“Congratulations on the birth of your daughter”, “Health to the baby and mother”, “Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, Danila Valerievich! May she be happy and healthy! ” - users wrote. Photo report: Star baby boom close See the entire photo report in the PHOTO section 1 12 instagram / AP, collage

Friends of the couple said that Zueva went to give birth to her first child in the United States, because there she feels as comfortable as possible. The celebrity lived in New York for a long time, where she graduated from the liberal arts faculty of The New School with a degree in screenwriting. She also studied for an actress and screenwriter, successfully worked as a model, starred in several projects, and then moved to Russia.

To support his beloved, the artist took a vacation for the first time in a long time and flew to her in the USA after completing work on part of the filming of his film "Caramora" in Georgia.

“For Danila, this is the first vacation in a very long time. And he was so tired of the constant whirl of events that even close friends asked him not to remind him of his work. If you talk, then on some neutral topics that are not related to filming, films, editing and more. Both are in a happy expectation and are preparing with all their might. ” - told "StarHit" surrounded by a couple.

The relationship between Kozlovsky and Zueva became known in 2015, when they were seen together at the Bolshoi Theater. At first, the artists hid their romance, but gradually began to appear frequently. Since 2016, they began to live together - to equip a family nest, Kozlovsky bought an apartment in the center of Moscow.

“Before, I rushed somewhere all the time, flew back and forth, and now my house is in Moscow. The dog Grusha lives with us, we picked her up on the street when we were resting in Georgia, and brought it with us. Sometimes I go for a walk with her in our district, ”the actor said in an interview.


The actor prefers not to advertise his personal life - it is still unknown whether he is connected with Zueva by marriage. There are rumors on the network that he made a proposal to his lover and secretly married her, but there was no official confirmation of this information. According to the friends of the couple, in anticipation of the appearance of the baby, Kozlovsky bought a house in Spain.

“Now in this house his mother, Nadezhda Nikolaevna, and stepfather Sergey are mainly. Danila himself runs into infrequently. The mansion is small, located about 30 kilometers from Malaga, near the sea. There is a swimming pool, a small kindergarten, and a porch - all the conditions for a pleasant pastime, ”insiders said in December.

From 2008 to 2011, Kozlovsky was married to the Polish actress Ursula Magdalena Malka. They played lovers in the play “Warsaw Melody” and really fell in love with each other. There were rumors on the network that the couple broke up due to the sudden popularity of Kozlovsky, while Malka could not boast of a successful career. However, the actress denied these reports, explaining that because of the busy schedule, Kozlovsky simply did not have enough time for his family




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