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Ex-wife of Danila Kozlovsky for the first time revealed the reason for their divorce

Urszula Malka was born in Poland. But for the last 15 years, St. Petersburg, the city where she met with Danila Kozlovsky, has been considered her second homeland.

It was a classic dating at work. In the fifth year of the theatrical high school, Danila Kozlovsky and Urszula were appointed for the main roles in the play Warsaw Melody. Hugs and kisses on stage soon turned into real life. Neither the age of the beloved (Urszula was six years older), nor the distance, were important. 

Now Danila Kozlovsky is recognized as a sex symbol. He is a welcome guest at premieres and charity events. But Danila Kozlovsky did not mention Urszula Malka in interviews. As if he never had a legal wife. That's all wondering: why his marriage lasted only three years? What or who destroyed love? According to rumors, it was Danila Kozlovsky’s mother, Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya who had all hope for her middle son, and instead of building a career, at 23, he started a family. But the ex-wife of Danila Kozlovsky assures: they still communicate with the mother-in-law today. And the reason for the divorce is trivial: they simply did not get along with the characters. 

Urszula Malka: “This is such a little self-deception. After a fresh breakup, the first years may support this illusion, but if life has gone far, the circle of thoughts has changed and it is difficult to find points of contact. ”

A press under the microscope examines the heart secrets of Danila Kozlovsky. They write that he married Urszula just to thwart Liza Boyarskaya. Allegedly, the actor was in love with the daughter of the famous D’artanyan. But Liza Boyarskaya always said that Kozlovsky was just her friend. However, the former wife said that Boyarskaya and Kozlovsky were not only playing love.

Urszula Malka: “Well, when we were classmates, while studying, yes, they were a couple. I don’t know why it’s hiding now. ” After such recognition, the words of Liza Boyarskaya about friendship with Danila Kozlovsky sound quite differently.

Six years have passed since the divorce, and Danila Kozlovsky’s ex-wife is not in a hurry to get married. Urshula is engaged in a career, recently starred in the film in the title role, but mostly plays in the theater. Kozlovsky  lives in a civil marriage with the model and actress Olga Zueva.

Former spouses meet regularly - on the theater stage. 

Urszula Malka: "At first it was very difficult, and then, when the paths diverged, it was already easier."

The former wife remembers with gratitude three happy years with Danila Kozlovsky and confesses: if she were offered to rewind life back, she would repeat everything again.




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