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Olga Zueva showed off a rare photo of her grown daughter from Danila Kozlovsky


The actress and the baby live in New York 

Olga Zueva has been living in the USA for over a year. The actress flew overseas before the birth of her daughter from Danila Kozlovsky . In March 2020, it became known that she gave birth to a girl who was named Oda Valentina. Very soon the baby will be one year old. The happy mom has posted rare photos of the grown heiress on the blog.

Olga Zueva captured her little daughter Oda Valentina during a winter walk in New York. The actress still hides the baby's face. So this time she captured her from the back. The girl walks confidently on her own.


The daughter of Olga Zueva and Danila Kozlovsky is taking her first steps.

To go out on the street, Zueva dressed up the heiress in a blue jumpsuit with a hood. On the walk, mother and daughter were accompanied by their pet, the dog Pear. The artist took her from an orphanage several years ago.

Fans were moved by the pictures. True, many are discussing that they have not heard anything about the girl's father for a long time. 35-year-old Danila Kozlovsky saw Oda immediately after birth. The actor flew to the United States for the childbirth in mid-February 2020, stayed with her for several months, after which he flew to Moscow to work.

Recall that Olga's pregnancy became known in October last year. Then Zueva and Kozlovsky did not comment on the fans' speculations. Artists don't like to talk about their personal lives. It is known that they still have not tied the knot.

Recently, surrounded by a couple, they say that Danila does not visit her daughter and beloved . It is rumored that the relationship between Zueva and Kozlovsky, which began in 2015, came to an end in 2020, allegedly because of Kozlovsky's romance with Oksana Akinshina. The couple was noticed during a joint vacation in Turkey. 




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