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Now we know who broke the heart of Alex Sparrow

29-year-old musician and actor Alex Sparrow recently parted with a mysterious girlfriend because of her cheating. Name of a girl was unknown, however, friends of Alex disclosed his fromer girlfriend's name.  

Alex Sparrow and Diana Ivanitskaya-Shorikova

In mid-January, Alex Sparrow told fans about the painful separation from his beloved, whose name he never said, hiding her face in the pictures shared on Instagram. Fans wondered who broke the heart of the musician, and one of his friends finally revealed the secret in an interview. The fatal beauty was 21-year-old singer Diana Ivanitskaya-Shorikova, member of the "Dinama" group.

"Alex had a lot of girls, but he spoke with tenderness only about Diana - shared friend named Maxim. - Alex was very proud of these relationships, getting her gifts and a huge bouquets of roses. But what happened destroyed everything - they parted, not even remaining friends".


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