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Kit Harington and Olga Vlasova: reality or fantasy?


Until today, we have not heard anything about Olga Vlasova (a pleasant lady, but clearly with a rich imagination), but like millions of fans of the series "Game of Thrones". But we know perfectly well who Kit Harington is. That is why we were interested in the loud statement of the ex-participant of the project "House 2", in which she talks about her connection with the actor.

Let's take a closer look at the girl, before who charmed (according to the beauty herself) Jon Snow.


Although Vlasova appears everywhere as a ex-participant of Dom-2, she spent one month on the show itself in 2014. The presenters persistently asked the girl to voluntarily leave the show after another participant of "House 2" posted pictures with Vlasova taking illegal drugs.

After exile, Olga repeatedly assured her that she would soon return to the program, but this remained in her dreams. 

Then silence and another scandalous statement in 2017: she unflatteringly evaluated the manhood of a participant of "House 2". But by and large, all these intrigues are of interest only to fans of "House 2". So Olga decided to promote herself to the whole world.

Why she chose "charming and curly-haired" Kit Harington remained a mystery. Nevertheless, the other day she gave an exclusive interview, in which she spoke about her connection with the actor on the eve of his wedding.

According to Vlasova, she and Kit met in Luxembourg and slept together. True, the process itself did not impress the girl (she was expecting stars from heaven, and there she was a complete disappointment).


And to make it all sound believable, she showed off a photo with a sleeping man (beard and curls are attached). True, he is alone in bed. It got to the point that Western journalists got alarmed and asked the actor to comment on this statement. Harington's representative said that what Vlasova's story was a blatant lie. The Briton has not been to Luxembourg and does not know this girl.

Moreover, on the eve of the wedding, he was in Ireland on the set of the final season of Game of Thrones.




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