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Russian Leonardo DiCaprio’s Twin Roman Burtsev played the famous scene from "Titanic”

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Russian Leonardi DiCaprio's Twin Roman Burtsev and Lera Lyubarskaya

Moscow's VDNKh visitors were amazed to see legendary Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the actor got a little plump.. The fans of the star were shocked that Leo played the famous scene from the film that brought him fame - "Titanic".

It turned out that the making of parody of Titanic movie was held at Moscow's VDNKh. And Russian actor Roman Burtsev starred in it instead of DiCaprio. Kate Winslet was replaced on the set by a well-known blogger Lera Lyubarskaya. The parody of "Titanic" movie will participate in the First All-Russian festival of parody "Shveding" which will be held on 6 August at the Winery.

Shveding - is a popular short films, parodies of famous films made by amateurs. Scenery made of cardboard boxes, Spider-Man suit of my grandmother's dress and the singing soundtrack under your breath - that's the main tools of shveding.

“I have long known that that I look like a Leo - said Russian Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike Roman Burtsev. – People told me that before, and in the last years I was noticed by journalists who began to invite me to all sorts of projects. I have participated in many television projects, as well as in advertising shoot, but I participate in making of parody of Titanic movie for the first time. Moreover, I've never known what “shveding” is but looked several western movies, laughed and decided to try my hand at this genre".

Immediately after filming Roman Burtsev was surrounded by dozens of people who asked for selfie with DiCaprio’s twin.

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