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In the sixth season of "Game of Thrones" starred Russian actress Ania Bukstein

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In the fifth series "Game of Thrones" appeared a new character – the New Red Woman, Kinvara. It turns out that the producers of the series called for this role Russian actress! High Priestess was played by Ania Bukstein (33). 

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Ania was born in Moscow in 1982, and at the age of eight moved to Israel with her parents.

Her father worked as a neurologist and a mother - teacher of the deaf. If she hadn't been an actress, Ania would most likely have become a doctor, according to her confession.

She graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts "Thelma Firs" in Givatayim. In 1994, when she was only 12 years old, Anna starred in the movie "New Country" Orna Ben-Dor. For her role in the film Anna was nominated for the award "Ophir" - the Israeli "Oscar".


After graduation, Ania Bukstein was recruited by the Israel Defense Forces. In the army she sang in the ensemble of the Air Force.

Ania starred in the films and is also known as a stage actress. She also starred in commercials.

In 2010 Bukstein played in the first Israeli horror film "Rabies" (Hebrew כלבת -. «Kalevet"). In the same year she played in the play "Ghetto" directed by Joshua Sobol, the play describes the fate of the inhabitants of the Vilnius ghetto during the Second World War. In an interview Ania said, "I want to believe what happened in the past stays in the past, and will never happen again. The current attitude of the international community to Israel is very frightening me. I'm really very scared of the whole situation. That's what I do in the theater, it is my civil position".

In 2012 she released her solo album as a singer.

Now she plays in the most popular of the series – “Game of thrones”. In the story, the high priestess Kinvara in rank over "our old friend", Melissandra. She has magical powers, can predict the future. Fans call Ania Bukstein New red woman from "Game of Thrones" who was born in Russia.

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