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With an exotic handsome man: Tina Kunakey on a bachelor vacation in Ibiza




The girl is enjoying her wonderful vacation with new people. Tina Kunakey spends holidays with a guy.

The French model and ex-wife of actor Vincent Cassel Tina Kunakey, who is rightfully considered one of the sexiest women of our time, showed her vacation already in the status of a bachelorette. The model shared the corresponding photos on her Instagram page .


The girl is now spending time in Ibiza. She showed footage of sunbathing, riding a yacht, and also showed off a sultry handsome man.

With an exotic handsome: Tina Kunakey showed her bachelor vacation Model Tina Kunakey on vacation/ Instagram/tinakunakey


Who is this guy with a ring on his hand - a secret for now / Instagram / tinakunakey

Tina Kunakey did not comment on her photos in any way, but it was done instead of her by the followers of the model. "This guy is much better than Vincent. Enjoy your youth, girl. No more shabby men. You look amazing," one fan wrote to her.


Commentators give advice Commentators give advice / Instagram/tinakunakey



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