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Vincent Cassel took revenge on Tina Kunakey for cheating: the actor got a young mistress



Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey are divorcing. According to one version, the wife's infidelity was the culprit. However, the actor and model do not waste time and do not worry about parting at all.

Tina Kunakey after five years of relationship. According to rumors, the couple breaks up due to the infidelity of the model: Kunakey cheated on her lover last year in Brazil. At the same time, in February, the brunette was seen on the beach in Rio de Janeiro with a young man with whom she had a good time. Apparently, the actor could not come to terms with the betrayal and decided to cut off contact with her, despite the fact that they are raising a common child - the daughter of Amazoni, who will be four years old this month.

It is also reported that after the betrayal, Cassel had an affair with a new passion, who is younger than 26-year-old Tina. By the way, Kunakey recently celebrated her birthday - her friends and relatives attended a noisy party. Designer Amina Muaddi, fashion designer Simon Port Jacquemus, star makeup artist James Harold were noted at the celebration. Vincent was not with Tina that day. A source close to the star couple previously reported that the model was heartbroken. However, judging by the publications, the birthday girl had a great time - she danced and had a great time.


Vincent Cassel took revenge on Tina Kunakey for treason: the actor got a young mistress Kunakey does not shed tears in the pillow after breaking up with her husband Kassel used to often confess his love to a young darling, published joint pictures, and now he has deleted them all from his personal account.

Recall that the star of the film "Black Swan" met with a novice fashion model during a vacation in Ibiza. Despite the 30-year age difference, they immediately hit it off. READ ALSO Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey split after five years of marriage

The actor was married to his first wife Monica Bellucci for 14 years. During this time, they became parents twice. Today, the eldest daughter Virgo conquers the world catwalks, starring in commercials for luxury brands. The younger Leonie is still hidden from the public, she is 13 years old. Some fans are sure that Kunakey's betrayal was a boomerang that the 56-year-old artist deserved for his adventures when he was married to Bellucci. The actress is now in a relationship with 64-year-old director Tim Burton.


Photo: Legion-Media, social networks



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