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Timati is resting in Greece with a new girl - Ukrainian model Sasha Dony: first photos


Sasha Dony and Timati

Rumors about a new romance of 38-year-old Timati with 20-year-old Ukrainian model and blogger Sasha Dony have been circulating in the press for several days. These conversations were provoked by the rapper himself when he began to publish on his instagram photos of a vacation with a certain blonde, whose face he was hiding. Today, the first official confirmation of this affair appeared: the couple got together in the lenses of the paparazzi.


Yesterday photographers caught Timati and Sasha during an evening walk through the cozy streets of the Greek island of Mykonos. The couple went to the promenade in all white: Dony was wearing a short knitted dress, and Timati was wearing light trousers and an embroidered shirt. The lovers walked arm in arm and discussed something enthusiastically.

Later, photos from the walk of celebrities appeared on their Instagram accounts, but they were not made by reporters, but in the pictures themselves, the rapper and the model do not pose together, but separately.




Sasha Dony

Apparently, the rapper and his new lover did not plan to hide their romance for a long time, but they definitely wanted to intrigue the fans. Timati has been publishing photos of various parts of Sasha's body on the microblog for many days, and she shares a photo in her profile, putting the same geotags as the rapper.

Many fans of Timati have already reached Dony's page on social networks and in the comments began to compare the girl with the rapper's previous lovers - Alena Shishkova and Anastasia Reshetova. Many noted that outwardly, the rapper's new favorite looks like both Alena and Nastya at the same time.


Timati Sasha Dony

Not much is known about the rapper's new darling. She was born in the city of Chernigov, and a few years ago she moved to live and work in Kiev. As a child, Sasha Dony was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, thanks to which she can boast of an excellent figure and good stretching. The girl has a fairly popular Instagram account: at the moment, more than 80 thousand people have followed her.


Sasha Dony

This is Timati's first public relationship after the end of the Bachelor project. The winner was 22-year-old model Katerina Safarova. After the end of the show, the rapper managed to relax with the girl and go out with her. After that, Katerina flew to her parents in Spain, where she has lived since childhood, and later completely removed the ring presented to her by Timati in the final of the project.

By the way, many fans are convinced that the rapper and the project participant have never been together, and their romance was simply part of the show's PR campaign.



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