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“I have scars from a bracelet”: Timati's beloved complained about a luxury gift


19-year-old Sasha Dony (Alexandra Donets) spoke about an unexpected injury. The chosen one of the 38-year-old rapper Timati admitted that she was harmed by the beautiful gift of the musician.

The Ukrainian model and performer of the composition "The Road to the Airport" only recently stopped hiding their relationship. The blonde beauty generously posts hot shots with her own participation. Sasha is the owner of a well-groomed appearance. Her fragile figure, pretty face and plump lips invariably attract the attention of men.

Timati does not skimp on making his beloved happy. The rapper has always been especially generous: and now he is clearly not going to change his habits. However, one of the presents played a cruel joke on Sasha. The girl showed what happened to her hand, on the wrist of which there was a Cartier bracelet worth about 300 thousand rubles.


Sasha complained about problems from Timati's gift

“I just noticed the scars from the bracelet,” Sasha complained and noted that now the jewelry will be removed. However, after a while, the girl erased the text, but left the photo, leaving the fans to comprehend what they saw for themselves.

The star beauty is not shy about taking part in very hot shootings. She tried on an outfit that seemed to consist of thin threads. The beloved of musician took a bold pose, allowing the camera to capture her figure in all its glory. 

“Legs are longer than the whole of me”, “Timati’s girl is very spectacular”, “So hot”, “Timati is unrealistically lucky, you’re just fire”, “Each photo is like a work art,” wrote the followers.

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