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Nyusha with her husband Igor Sivov and daughter Simba is on holiays in the Maldives



Nyusha with her husband Igor Sivov

Another starship has landed in the Maldives. A few days ago, 30-year-old Nyusha, her 40-year-old husband Igor Sivov and their two-year-old daughter Simba flew to the resort.


Igor Sivov with his son Miron, wife Nyusha and daughter Simba 

They were also accompanied by Igor's son from a previous marriage, Miron and close friends of Nyusha.

The large company flew to its destination in business class, and on the island itself settled in one of the elite hotels on the coast.


Nyusha with daughter Simba

Upon arrival, Nyusha immediately began to delight her followers with numerous photos in bikinis taken on the beach or in the pool at their villa. The star took a lot of swimwear with her on vacation, so she does not miss the opportunity to demonstrate her perfect shape in each of them. One of these pictures on the star's Instagram, in which she appeared in a one-piece beach dress with an animal print, caused a particularly violent reaction from subscribers.

Nuysha immediately received a huge number of compliments from followers.



Nyusha with her friends

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the year almost the whole world of Russian show business managed to relax in the Maldives, in her stories Nyusha noted that there are not so many people on the island, and some areas in the hotel are completely closed from - for quarantine.



Igor Sivov with his son Miron

And while Nyusha is endlessly taking new photos in a bikini for her Instagram profile, her husband Igor Sivov is trying to get away from work at least for a while and find peace of mind. To do this, he turns off his smartphone and practices diaphragmatic breathing technique.

Many people don't know that the diaphragm is a muscle under the lungs, it helps us breathe! To learn this breathing method, you need to put your hand on your stomach at the level of your ribs, breathe calmly and observe the changes. Take a deep breath, a deep breath ... And be sure to watch the movement of your own hand. Believe me, this exciting process helps people quickly recover, relieve anxiety, bring themselves into balance in just a few minutes, - Igor shares his advice on Instagram.


On the island, Nyusha and Igor were also able to pay attention to children and to each other. Sivov admitted that most of all he and Nyusha now want to enjoy each other's company and not think about anything.





Igor Sivov and Nyusha Igor Sivov with his daughter Simba


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