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Former lovers Nyusha and Egor Kreed presented a joint music video

Egor Kreed and Nyusha

Egor Kreed and Nyusha, who met in 2014, released a music video for a joint song. After parting, the artists did not communicate for a long time, but the musician, who recently took third place in the list of the most successful Russian stars, eventually publicly apologized to his former lover and offered to record the track Mr. & Ms. Smith, which was released on Egor's new album "58". Today a video for this song appeared online. She, according to Nyusha, is dedicated to "all the former." It sings about a couple who lives different lives - everyone goes their own way, so they can not be together. Apparently, the inspiration for the track was the personal experience of the stars.

The music video was shot according to all the rules of self-isolation: the video is a screen recording of a smartphone. Egor and Nyusha appear in different images, call up, correspond, conduct live broadcasts and publish stories.

When I watched the first installation, I wanted to review again and again. I am delighted with what we did, ”the singer said. Also, specifically for the video, the artists came up with a dance, which they offered to repeat to their fans and publish the resulting video on social networks, thereby launching a kind of flash mob. Apparently, the fans liked the video - in a couple of hours it got 8 thousand likes.

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