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Katerina Safarova and Timati split? The model returned to Spain



The network is discussing the separation of Katerina Safarova and Timati: the model returned to Spain and took off the ring presented by the rapper

At the end of May, the final of the "Bachelor" project took place, where the girls fought for the heart of 37-year-old Timati. The winner of the show was 22-year-old model Katerina Safarova. The girl lived most of her life in Spain, where she emigrated with her parents many years ago. She spent the last few months in Russia, but recently returned to Spain. Katerina shared this news on her Instagram, posting a video filmed on the seashore.

The happy girl came home - she captioned video.


Attentive followers also noticed that in the latest photos and videos on her Instagram, Katerina appears without a white gold diamond ring worth 300 thousand dollars. This gorgeous piece of jewelry Timati presented to Safarova at the end of the show, and at first she proudly showed it on social networks.


Katerina Safarova

At the same time, many fans assumed that it was the relationship with Timati that kept Katerina in Moscow over the past few months. Safarova did not comment on this version, but noted that they do not live together. The girl also admitted that she stayed in Russia for so long because of the large number of advertising contracts.


Katerina Safarova

Now, many fans, who previously doubted the reality of the affair between Timati and Safarova, are finally convinced that there is no relationship between them and everything was for the sake of hype. Katerina herself recently told how the rapper introduced her to his family, after which they first appeared together - they appeared on the red carpet of the Muz-TV Prize.

The victory of Katerina Safarova at the show "The Bachelor" was a real surprise for many, because for a long time the favorite of the project was a completely different participant - journalist Maria Weber, outwardly very similar to the rapper's ex-lover Anastasia Reshetova. However, Timati said goodbye to Weber at the next "ceremony of roses", which took place shortly before the final of the show. The fans expected the girl to return to the project, but this never happened.


Katerina Safarova and Timati

By the way, Timati broke up with his ex-lover and mother of son Ratmir, Anastasia Reshetova just a few weeks before it became known about his participation in the show "Bachelor". Then many Internet users decided that their breakup was just a PR move within the framework of the project, and assumed that they would converge soon after the end of the show.

The reunion of the star couple never happened, while the rapper also has a rather ambiguous relationship with Katerina Safarova. So, the other day the rapper released a new video for the song "Euphoria", in which starred Daria Khaitmetova, a participant in the previous season of "The Bachelor". Why the rapper shot Khaitmetova in the new music video, and not his new darling, many fans did not understand.




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