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Evgenia Medvedeva showed off a new house


The athlete recently changed her place of residence.

Evgenia and her family moved to a spacious apartment in Odintsovo and decided to start decorating a new house. The girl admits that she loves to receive guests. Evgenia Medvedeva 20-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva settled in a large two-story red brick house. Together with the skater, the closest ones - mother and grandmother - moved to the mansion. The relatives settled down on an imposing territory, which is decorated in a sustained but rather luxurious style. The interior of the house uses pastel colors, mainly beige and white.

The mansion also comes with a fairly voluminous piece of land, which is covered with paving slabs, and there is also a hedge made of trees. According to Medvedeva, they have not yet settled down and are experiencing some inconvenience when receiving guests. In the program "To the dacha!" on Channel One, specially for Evgenia, specialists equipped a place for gatherings with friends right in the garden.


The house is built of brick.


There is a lot of empty space inside the building.

So the sportswoman got a place where she can comfortably sit on the sofa or dine at a large table. In addition, now Medvedeva can use the grill, cook vegetables and meat. The girl admitted that she always lacked such a kitchen installation in the house. 

The figure skater does not always manage to spend time at home, so she likes to spend a few free hours with comfort, with relatives and friends. And sometimes she even enjoys being alone. “I have free time between workouts, after training for a couple of hours I lock myself in a room. I work on myself to be less dependent on the phone, gadgets. I occupy myself with drawing, I start playing the ukulele, ”Eugenia shared.


Medvedeva was presented with a firebox in the form of Olympic rings


Evgenia plans to receive guests in the gazebo Medvedev devotes most of her life to sports, she stubbornly does what she loves. Evgenia goes to train twice a day: first in the gym, and then on the ice. “Before going out, I thoroughly warm up, otherwise you can break something and get injured,” the athlete assures.

Recall that the star stopped working with Eteri Tutberidze after the 2018 Olympic Games. Evgenia was then very upset that she missed the gold medal. The skater turned to another coach - Brian Orser, now the former mentor and student practically do not communicate.




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