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"We do not admit defeat": Medvedeva and Zagitova had an argument after a unique show


The renowned figure skaters took part in an unusual tournament. Evgenia Medvedeva, 21, and Alina Zagitova, 18, led the teams at the Channel One Cup.

Competitions in this format were held for the first time, so there were some comments and offenses. Zagitova's team "Red Machine" bypassed Medvedeva's team "Time of the First" with a score of 2634.95: 2606.21. After the tournament, the girls took part in a press conference. They tried to restrain their emotions, but still the situation between them was tense.

“Thank you very much for the fight to Zhenya's team, because she really showed a worthy fight. Unfortunately, she lost. Today luck is on our side, ”Alina said.


Alina Zagitova and her team won the cup Alina Zagitova and her team won the cup,

Evgenia noted that the tournament was held for the first time, and expressed hope that in the future, if it takes root, adjustments will be introduced. “But the fact that I cried twice today, and the last time I cried at the Olympics, is an indicator of emotion. It was great that we did three prizes, including the audience's choice. But I said my opinion about the draw yesterday, and this is the only factor that I would change, ”she assured.

Medvedeva expressed the opinion that one of the teams was a priori stronger. “There were three really strong girls at this tournament, the very top of the world. No matter how the draw went, the girls' strength outweighed in some of the teams. I wish Alena Kostornaya good health and recover as soon as possible. I think with her, if she was in good shape, the tournament would be as balanced and fair as possible, ”Medvedeva said.


Evgenia Medvedeva refused to admit defeat Evgenia Medvedeva refused to admit defeat, facebook

The two-time world champion spoke about the proposal of her coach Eteri Tutberidze. She expressed the idea that it would be better if the Russian team fought with a foreign team. According to Evgenia, she doesn't like it when her foreheads are pushed against each other.

“Fans are fans, Alina and I have our own fans, some of them are principled. This is normal. It would be much warmer and more satisfying for Russian fans and athletes to root for the Russian team against someone, ”she said.

While the borders of the countries are closed due to the coronavirus, this is impossible. Evgenia hopes that in the future such a tournament will become a tradition and gain momentum in the international arena. Alina thanked the members of her team and the fans who supported them. “Let's start with the fact that I decided long ago what my team would be called. I immediately ran to write to my fans to keep them informed. They made a great flash mob. It's just such tremendous support! It played a big role for our team, ”she said.


Athletes lead the teams of skaters Athletes led the teams of skaters, facebook

How should the tournament go in the future? Between Russian athletes Between our team and a foreign Evgenia also expressed her admiration for the level of audience love. At the same time, she refused to admit she was defeated. “It was really great, it still doesn't fit in my head how they manage to drag through huge banners. It was very cool, thanks. We cried, laughed, rode our butts. As a captain on behalf of the team, I will say: we do not admit defeat today. We are proud to have received the Audience Award. People know who they choose. The final fact is that I personally send all the money received at this tournament to charity, ”Medvedeva said.

Olga Ermolina, press attaché of the FFKKR, peacefully noted that today there are no winners or losers and everyone has won. However, Alina did not like this. She gently but decisively stood up for herself and her athletes. "Today, after all, there is a winner ... And this is the" Red Car. "We still have the cup," Zagitova clarified.

The Olympic champion after the tournament also shared her plans for the future. Alina said that she would again take part in the ice show of Ilya Averbukh, but this time in a new capacity. “I will perform at the anniversary of Alexei Mishin, and then in the Ice Age show, as an athlete,” she added.

Earlier, the girls became guests of the evening show of Ivan Urgant. They talked about their rivalry on the ice. Alina won a touching competition with Evgenia with puppies. Medvedev was included in the rating of the best figure skaters in the world, but Zagitova was not included in it..




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