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Russian athlete Sofiya Gorshkova, who drove millions of foreigners crazy with her beauty: who is she?



Video with jumper Sofiya Gorshkova hit YouTube.

The 17-year-old Russian athlete Sofiya Gorshkova became the favorite and became the idol of thousands of fans from abroad. The fans were not impressed by the results of the athlete, but by her beauty. A video from Gorshkova’s performance in the Russian championship among boys and girls under 18 years old, where Sofiya became the fifth out of 35 participants in the long jump, gained immense popularity. A girl from Chuvashia flew 5.78 meters in her best attempt. The result of the winner is 6.16. Two of the numerous video clips of Gorshkova's speeches have already received five million views and two thousand comments each.


YouTube Below are some statements of foreigners.

“I am a big fan of the long jump. I've been following this sport for 30 seconds now." (Kit Jerubaina)

“I have never seen anyone move their hips in the air like that before, very unusual. I think she has a future in advertising!” (buck)



“Probably, at the moment, she has the most beautiful face, not only in sports, but even in some beauty contest.” (Jose Felix David)

“These Russian girls never cease to amaze me. (Gabriel Collins)

"I'm far from Russian, but I'm definitely rooting for her." (RELOADEDLY)

“One very smart person said: “Why not get along with Russia?” (roundedges2)


Sofiya Gorshkova performs in the long jump and runs 200 meters. Her personal bests are 5.89 meters and 26.07 seconds. Sports title - CMS. The results are not bad, but she is far from being a world superstar, although she has already surpassed many champions in popularity, and the biography of the athlete is already being published on several large foreign sites.

Sofiya was born on January 28, 2005. She is engaged in track and field athletics in secondary school No. 3 of the city of Novocheboksarsk (Republic of Chuvashia).



Personal archive of Sofiya Gorshkova

The girl published her first post only on August 3. In a little over a week, more than 12 thousand people followed Gorshkova (this is far from the limit), and under each photo you can find a large number of rave reviews from foreigners.

Sofiya does not say if she has a boyfriend, but makes it clear that she is in sports for a long time, despite the removal of the Russians.

It seems that this is the case when fans from abroad will really regret that the competitions are held without the Russian team.





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