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Sofia Gorshkova is the most popular athlete on the Internet: millions of people watched her jumps


As a rule, few people see the Russian athletics championships among athletes under 18, except for the families of the participants. However, thanks to the talent of 17-year-old Sofia Gorshkova from Chuvashia, a multi-million foreign audience was attracted to these tournaments throughout the summer of 2022.

Most consider her the most beautiful girl in the world and the goddess of athletics. Surprisingly, so much attention is given despite the fact that most people don't even know her name. Find out how this high jumper managed to break into the global trends!


In the summer, 17-year-old Sofya Gorshkova competed in the long jump sector at the Russian Championship among athletes under the age of 18. Unfortunately, her performance was not outstanding: she jumped only 5.78 meters and ended up in fifth place.

However, the same evening, it became a hit on social media. It was not her athletic skills that drew attention to her, but her beauty, which captivated viewers from abroad. The video with Sophia went viral and gained a lot of views.



How did fans react to the video with Gorshkova?

RELOADEDLY : "I'm far from Russian, but I'm definitely rooting for her"

Gabriel Collins: "These Russian girls never cease to amaze me"

Mfkrtoblank: "Starting from this day, I will support Russia against NATO"

Jose- Felix David: "Probably, at the moment, she has the most beautiful face, not only in sports, but even in some beauty contest"

Sico: "She can compete and easily win the Miss Universe pageant"

ABRAM: "Oh my god, she's so beautiful on the outside and athletic! I hope her soul is beautiful too! I wish you good luck in the future, Sofia!”

Mika: "I would like to purchase a life-size poster depicting the moment of her angelic flight in the air"

123 GU: "What a beautiful girl, she definitely needs to move to the free world! And why did God create her in Russia, if she is so amazing and beautiful?

Who is Sofia Gorshkova?

Date of birth - January 28, 2005

Place of birth - Cheboksary

Age - 18 years old

Bust - 81 cm

Waist - 57 cm

Hips - 85 cm


Sofya Gorshkova is professionally involved in athletics at the school of the Olympic reserve No. 3, city 3 in Novocheboksarsk and specializes in 200 meters and long jumps. At the age of 17, she was awarded the title of "candidate master of sports in athletics." Her personal bests are 5.89 meters and 26.07 seconds respectively.



Currently, she is one of the most promising Russian athletes and has become quite popular abroad, despite the fact that she has not yet achieved great success in the international arena.

Sofia has become quite famous on social media. She created her account just a few months ago but already has 18,000 followers. It is interesting that foreigners comment on her messages.


Her blog is full of travel photos and photo shoots. Unfortunately, due to the suspension of Russian athletes, Sofia Gorshkova will not yet be able to appear on the international stage.

However, her overseas fans will still be able to watch her competitions via the Internet.

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