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"Pasha and I are fighting, this is normal for us ": the wife of the footballer Mamaev spoke about their relationship



Pavel and Alana Mamaev

Photo: Instagram / @alana_mamaeva

Alana Mamaeva made an unexpected confession. The wife of the scandalous football player Pavel Mamaev spoke about their relationship with her husband. While many people are struggling with oppression of women and domestic violence, Alana said that she and her husband are fighting at home. She noted that it is "normal" for them. We even fight with Pasha, but this is normal for us. Such jokes. It expresses feelings in a peculiar way. If he likes the way I look, he comes up on purpose, pushes me and laughs, - said Alana Mamaeva in the documentary film of the Match TV channel "Non-Football Stories" by the wife of football player Sergei Ignashevich Natalia and writer and screenwriter Maria Pavlovich.


Instagram / @alana_mamaeva

Alana noted that every woman chooses what she should be like. According to Mamaeva, she always felt superior to others, but as a child she had to earn her authority by force. The footballer's wife noted that self-confidence helped her in this. The woman herself chooses what she will be. In a relationship with a man, at work or somewhere else ... She independently chooses a position: either weak or strong. Why are some beaten, while others are loved and carried on their hands? I have always felt superior to others. Smarter, prettier, stronger. Even in childhood, they tried to constantly hurt me, and I earned authority by force. Self-confidence has always helped me. If you walk with a crown on your head, those around you look and think: maybe she really is a queen? And they start to respect you.



Instagram / @alana_mamaeva

Recall that Pavel and Alana have been married since 2013. The couple are raising two children. Photo: Instagram / @alana_mamaeva ■



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