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The wife of footballer Pavel Mamaev again reported on her husband's cheating



The marriage of Pavel and Alana Mamaevs again cracked. The other day, the girl said that the football player cheated on her with a foreigner. Probably, the man met her at a training camp in Spain. Witnesses sent Alana the documents of her husband's mistress, after which she had no doubts about the veracity of the information. Mamaeva posted the card of the lover in the story, declaring with chagrin that her chosen one again “cheated on her”. She promised followers not to give Pavel another chance.

The alleged lover of the athlete immediately reacted to Alana's publication. She turned out to be a young Spanish model and actress Irene Garcia. The girl said that she would deal with this situation with the help of lawyers. Alana's post, as well as threats in private messages, insulted the celebrity, now she is preparing to retaliate against Mamaeva.

Recall that three years ago, the footballer's wife had already convicted him of treason. However, the couple were able to make peace and forgive each other for all insults. This time Alana is determined. The public is confident that divorce is inevitable. Unfortunately, in this case, the Mamaevs will become part of the sad statistics. ■



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