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Evgenia Medvedeva and Kristian Kostov are dating



An anonymous source told the Russian newspaper that the athlete and the singer are in a relationship.

Today one of the Russian publications managed to find out that the Russian athlete Evgenia Mevedeva and the singer Kristian Kostov, who represented Bulgaria at Eurovision last year, are dating. An anonymous source said that the lovers exchanged numbers on a talk show dedicated to the competition, and then met in a Moscow park. Eyewitnesses report that the stars behaved like a couple in love.

Evgenia Medvedeva does not like to talk about her personal life, and little is known about the relationship of Kristian Kostov. However, last week they were spotted together in Gorky Park. “They couldn't take their eyes off each other. Holding hands, smiling. Usually, this is how people look like, between whom a spark has run, ”said Maria, a guest of the event in the park .


Kristian Kostov and Evgenia Medvedeva

The close circle of Eugenia and Kristian also confirmed their relationship. Friends of the couple, who wished to remain anonymous, told StarHit that the 18-year-old athlete and the finalist of the Voice.Children show are dating, and their busy schedules did not bother them at all: “In May, Zhenya was invited as a guest to a talk show dedicated to To Eurovision. Christian was also invited there. In 2017, he took second place in this competition in Kiev, where he represented Bulgaria. After filming, the guys exchanged phone numbers, a lively correspondence ensued and even several dates followed. Now Zhenya flew to Toronto, where she will start training with Brian Orser and continue her way to the highest step of the Olympic podium. But they are in touch with Christian every free minute. "


Evgenia Medvedeva

Recall that Evgenia Medvedeva has a really busy schedule: at the beginning of the year she performed at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Then the athlete temporarily changed her field of activity and tried herself as the host of the Ice Age project on Channel One. Now Evgenia has changed her coach and again intends to devote herself to figure skating.


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