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Alina Zagitova became the most popular figure skater in Russia. After the video from the sauna



Alina is already more a blogger than an athlete.

It's finished! Three years after the great victory in Pyeongchang, Alina Zagitova bypassed Evgenia Medvedeva and became the most popular figure skater in Russia.

A significant event for fans took place almost immediately after Alina's photos and videos from the sauna went online.

The suspension of her career made Zagitova more popular

Alina Zagitova's fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now their favorite is in the lead in the number of followers on Instagram among the current Russian figure skaters and every hour is more and more ahead of Medvedeva. Naturally, fans of both stars accuse each other of cheating indicators, but if you abandon conspiracy theories, you can see the real reasons for what happened.

In many ways, Zagitova's new instagram achievement is caused by the changes that have occurred in her account recently. After the suspension of her career, and especially in recent months, Alina began to show her life outside the rink more often and brighter. If earlier pictures from training sessions or promotional events prevailed on her page, now posts and stories allow fans to see the champion in her everyday life. Responsible student, attractive girl, cozy hostess, young TV star. Demand for such content is much higher!


Frankly speaking, recently Alina has been more a blogger than a skater. Every day, Zagitova posts stories and often shares new photos. Although a place in the Russian national team for the 2020/2021 season gives her the right to be considered an active athlete, on Instagram we see Alina much more often than on the ice.


A trip to the sauna helped Zagitova overtake Medvedeva

Zagitova's social media activity and the right choice of content allowed her to rapidly close the gap with Medvedeva.

In addition, for three months, Alina appeared every week on Channel One as the host of "Ice Age", when Medvedeva was mainly undergoing treatment at that time. But the final breakthrough was not helped by Alina's work on television, but ... going to the sauna.


The figure skater, together with her friend, visited one of the bath complexes and actively covered her leisure time on Instagram. Zagitova exhibited beautiful photos in a swimsuit, swam in a barrel with fir branches, jumped into an ice pool and laughed loudly. Followers praised Alina for her fearlessness and admired her beauty. It is not surprising that after a few days Zagitova was still able to overtake her main competitor in terms of the number of followers.



And now we can officially say that Zagitova has become the most popular acting figure skater. Of course, Alina's fans considered this obvious long before the victory over Medvedeva on Instagram, but now Zhenya's fans have practically no arguments left.

Mutual hints in stories

The confrontation between Zagitova and Medvedeva from sports smoothly spilled over into other aspects of life. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain Alina's "stories", on which she posted a screenshot of her Instagram page with the circled number of followers - 855 thousand.


Thus, the skater (or her team) showed that the correspondence rivalry with Medvedeva lives not only in the imagination of the fans. Unlike Alina, Zhenya always tried to actively maintain social networks and share events from her life with fans, but recently Medvedeva's activity has dropped. Most likely because of the troubles that befell her. While Zhenya was treating her back and fighting the coronavirus, Alina shone on television, performed on the show and churned out stories every day.

In addition, not so long ago, Medvedeva closed her page on Instagram, and you can still follow Alina without the prior approval of the account owner. By an interesting coincidence, almost simultaneously with the loss of leadership in followers. Medvedeva announced an attempt to hack her page. And a little later, Zhenya posted a video with the Bot to Help magazine in her Stories, in which some users saw an unambiguous hint. However, it is quite possible that the exchange of barbs is only part of the PR campaign of the team tournament in Moscow, where Alina and Zhenya will be the captains of the opposing teams. One win for two.

How Medvedeva and Zagitova celebrated their success at the team tournament At the Japan Open-2017, Zhenya and Alina shouted with joy and hugged. I wish the star skaters were on the same team again!

Zagitova's next goals

It is curious that for all their popularity, both Zagitova and Medvedeva are inferior in terms of the number of followers on Instagram to the Japanese woman Marine Honda, who even at the national championship never made it to the top three. However, there is no doubt that at least Zagitova will soon catch up and overtake Honda, which now has only 15 thousand




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