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Why Renata Litvinova and Zemfira could not play a wedding in Sweden


Scandalous "report" about the wedding of Zemfira and Renata Litvinova was late for 8 years

"Wedding of Zemfira and Renata in Sweden" have recently taken a strong grip on the news headlines, major TV channels, and glamorous sites. In principle, the text itself could no longer be read - everything was clear. 

It turned out that "report" about the wedding of Zemfira and Renata Litvinova was late for 8 years. People joyfully reprinted the story that Renata and her friend, after shooting the "The Magic Cup" in Tallinn,went to Sweden. Where the marriage was registered. Then they went for a walk around the city and went to the concert of Madonna.

It's amazing that nobody was embarrassed by the fact that the "Cup" was filmed in 2009 - at the same time, Madonna was on the "Sticky and Sweet Tour" . So the gossip about the marriage of the stars was late for 8 years. Then Zemfira herself told our correspondent at that time that all this was nonsense. Thirdly (if somebody still has doubts), from the legal point of view Litvinova and Ramazanova could not get married in Sweden. To do this, one of them must be a resident of the European Union at least and permanently reside on the territory of the kingdom. Either a citizen of this country (in this case it does not matter whether she lives there or not). There is a theory that Renata or Zemfira can have a residence permit for Latvia or Cyprus, and at the same time they are registered in Sweden - then they could also get married in a northern country. But this is also unlikely - there are terrible taxes in the country, and there is no need for such a backflips.

Also note that Litvinova last months spent either in the theater, doing the staging of her new play "North Wind", or in Paris with fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. The secret wedding in Stockholm is unlikely. Renata Muratovna - a woman, of course, not "without complexes." And not only in behavior, but also in speeches. Beauty-actress in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak for the L'Officiel Russia told that she, it turns out, practicing celibacy. And she also shared her attitude to the singer Zemfira, telling about her new play "The North Wind, to which she wrote music" (details) .



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