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Renata Litvinova and Zemfira got married?


Famous Russian actress Renata Litvinova and singer Zemfira Ramazanova spent several days in the Swedish capital.

As the actress's colleagues and some Russian media suggest, the women went to Sweden to enter into a legal marriage.

Two identical rings that appeared on the ring finger of celebrities on their return from Stockholm, where the law on same-sex marriage was recently legislated, confirm our suspicions.

Renata and Zemfira have known each other for many years. They spend so much time together and their relationship has already became a reason for rumors. They went to Stockholm from Tallinn, where Litvinova worked on the set of the new film "The Magic Cup".

Members of the crew told that Litvinova was very much waiting for Zemfira's arrival, spoke of her as a person in whom she was sincerely in love. "She is very kind. She is very pure. I say this as a man in love ... ", declared Litvinova.

In addition to traveling to Sweden, Zemfira and Renata traveled a lot around Tallinn, and also visited Madonna's concert.

In one recent interview, Renata was asked if she could think of any moments of her life when she felt happy. "I will not reveal the secret: happiness is only a short-term outburst, you and I both understand it in the same way. Naturally, this is due to the state of being in love, with the presence of a loved one next to you. Sometimes it happens when you see a piece of art. I once experienced this when I saw Rembrandt's painting The Return of the Prodigal Son", - Renata answered.

However, recently Renata Litvinova herself commented on rumors about the wedding with Zemfira. "The actress and director Renata Litvinova is upset by the false publications about her wedding with singer Zemfira Ramazanova and wants to punish the authors of these materials, told spokeswoman of Litvinova. "Renata is sorry that such false articles appear, and she will look for a way to punish the authors for libel," - he said.

Rumors about the wedding of Zemfira and Renata Litvinova have been circulating in the media repeatedly since 2009, because it was in that year in Sweden that gay marriage was allowed. In Russia gay marriage is prohibited, in contrast to a number of Western countries.

However, later Litvinova's representative said the following: "We do not comment on this".

Earlier on Thursday, it was reported that Zemfira and Litvinova got married. According to the TV channel REN TV, the celebration took place in Sweden.

Zemfira and Litvinova often cooperate. In 2014, the singer presented a video for the song "To live in your head", directed by Litvinova. Before this  Zemfira wrote a soundtrack to several Litvinova's films .


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