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Producer Iosif Prigozhin wished Litvinova and Zemfira female happiness


Photo: © RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Chesnokova

Today, on January 12, Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the State Prize of Russia, Renata Litvinova celebrates '51.

Zemfira's fans posted a video with Renata Litvinova, which today, on 12 January, celebrating a birthday, with the caption: "We'll stay with you now together.".

Rumors about a possible affair of Litvinova and Zemfira has been circulating since 2009. However, the actress has repeatedly denied them. Once again, some media have claimed that they got married in Sweden, where gay marriage is legal. Renata Litvinova has called these rumors false.

Earlier it was reported that the actress intends to punish the media for spreading rumors about her gay marriage.

Producer Iosif Prigozhin commented on the alleged wedding of the actress and director Renata Litvinova and music performer Zemfira.

- Are you seriously?! Listen, you know, when it comes to love, it's never too late, love ... I can not come up with anything further. I could wish them ... female happiness. Well, how else to say? - said the producer.

Prigozhin, married to the singer Valeria, also added that the traditional values ​​are closer to him.

Earlier, Renata Litvinova's representative denied reports about a marriage with Zemfira Ramazanova in Sweden, adding that the actress is going to punish the media for libel.



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