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Olga Seryabkina opens up about relationships with women


Singer Olga Seryabkina told in a new interview about her relationships.  Serebro soloist admits: there was a period in her lifewhen she'd had relationships with women. One of the poems written by her is called "Katya". Thanks to this text her book "Thousand M" got a restriction on the age of 18+. 

"My book will stand on the shelves marked "18+". Of course, I understand, because of what poem. It's called Katya. I thought for a long time if it was worth publishing, but then I realized that it was worth it. I wrote it sincerely. What you read is my diary. I told about my experience. This verse was written about my friend - many years later, when we no longer had any relationship. I'm not saying that I am a Lesbian, although I do not see anything wrong with that. It's just that in our country it's not customary to talk about this. I want to be myself. Yes, I had female lovers, it's true. Up to a certain age. Up to 20 years.


Now I have only one girlfriend. Although I'm so afraid of saying that word! I prefer to say "sister" or "native person". I once had a girlfriend, I was as close to her as it was possible to be. I loved her very much, and disappointment was very strong. I thought it was a series that does not end. It turned out that she didn't love me exactly as much as I loved her. All my words were rewritten, all my secrets ceased to be secrets. I never spoke about it in an interview, I think it's just not worth it. But, yes, I dedicated a poem to her, and it's very strong for me. It maximally reflects my feelings about her.

I have never made popularity my goal. Before I came to "Serebro", I never went to castings. Now the industry has changed a lot. Everyone thinks that in order to be noticed, you need to go to parties, know many people. This is not my story. I'm even ashamed of the representatives of my profession, who wait to cast their net around suitable men. I do not blame anyone, but I do not like that. I did not come to the profession to get married. I do not wear a short dress to seduce. Men feel the impulses from a woman and they know to whom they can approach with different kinds of proposals, but to whom they should not. I respect myself as a woman and my reputation is important to me. And if a man approached me with an ambiguous proposal, I blame myself: it means I did something wrong.

Olga Seryabkina said about her preferences: she says that it is not form, but fullness that matters to her.

It's important for me to be drawn to a man. I accept only one form of relationship: when a man is stronger in spirit than a woman. If I see his weakness, it's not going to work.. I had such a relationship with a man who made all the pictures for my book. It should be noted that about half of the lyrics in the Seryabkina's book are devoted to him.


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