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Olga Seryabkina's wedding in the Alps


Singer Olga Seryabkina shows off her wedding dresses from Russian designers. For a secret wedding ceremony in the Alps, the singer chose three dresses - Ulyana Sergeenko, WOS and Rasario Olga Seryabkina never advertised the details of her personal life. The singer also kept preparations for the upcoming wedding in the strictest confidence. Even the designers who sewed dresses for Olga, at first thought that they were preparing images for a music video: "It's very simple: I didn't want to create hype around this, especially at the stage of preparation."


Olga immediately warns that her fiancé is not a media person: “Georgy is 32 years old, he is a businessman and is engaged in projects in different directions - from show business to high technologies and neural networks. We have known each other for a long time, but we began to communicate closely when I asked George to help me with my solo project. We started spending a lot of time together and at a certain point we realized that this was something more and really special. "


Of course, we are most interested in how the process of creating wedding dresses went, even if the designers did not suspect that they were preparing images for a real wedding, and not for filming. “I've worked with professionals for whom it doesn't matter. I was absolutely sure that they will do everything at the highest level, regardless of whether it is for filming or for a wedding. " By the way, Olga did not consider the option to buy ready-made dresses: “I am a perfectionist, so this is not my option. Plus, for such a special day, I wanted a special dress. "





"Special dress" turned out not one, but three. And this is no coincidence. When asked what wedding dress little Olya Seryabkina dreamed of, the singer replies: “I have always been inspired by the incredibly feminine images of Brigitte Bardot, the classic style of Audrey Hepburn and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, the queen of the 2000s Kate Moss. It is impossible to reflect all this in one dress. So I decided that I would have several of them. As for the color, here I am definitely a conservative: I always knew that "that very dress" would be white. I associate white with the brightest feelings and purity. "





All dresses were prepared by Russian fashion houses - Ulyana Sergeenko, WOS and Rasario. Olga easily argues such a patriotic choice: “I really believe in Russian fashion and Russian designers, especially since our domestic fashion industry has grown a lot in recent years. Therefore, as soon as we decided on the format of the wedding, I immediately turned to my favorite designers. "

Working with every fashion house to get ready for your wedding has been an enjoyable adventure. How the dresses turned out - tell their creators and, of course, the happy bride.

Classic dress for the Ulyana Sergeenko ceremony



Sketch of the Ulyana Sergeenko dress “The Ulyana Sergeenko dress is my only long one, it also became an official dress for the ceremony itself. I have a warm relationship with the Ulyana brand for a long time, I am a big fan of it. You always feel special in these dresses. I confess that for a long time I could not decide on the silhouette, but in the end I decided to stop at a dress with a corset, and corsets are the brand's business card. The dress turned out the way I wanted: classic, laconic, nothing more. But in it I felt like a real princess. The look was complemented by a veil with handmade embroidery from incredibly thin lace. "






“Cheerful” dress for dancing WOS


Sketch of the dress WOS “This dress turned out to be the most cheerful: it in itself creates an incredible mood and a sense of celebration. I really love WOS and designer Andrey Artemov, so I completely trusted him. From the very beginning, I understood that the dress would be unusual. And so it happened! Andrey chose a complex fabric, decorated with real moonstone, and a silhouette of the 1980s. Night fittings, the creative process - we had a lot of fun and greatness. We decided to supplement the image with a multi-layer veil made of different fabrics and lace. "




Andrey Artemov, creative director and founder of WOS: “When we started discussing the dress, stylist Sveta Vashenyak received a brief that it should be a short dress that is comfortable to dance in, but at the same time it should remain a wedding dress. We came up with a mini dress inspired by the 1980s with a short veil in different textures. I wanted to combine different textures in the whole image. As a result, the dress turned out to be of a very complex cut and design, with a large perpendicular drapery, and at the same time remained light and understandable, conveying individuality to Olin, but also retaining the spirit of the WOS brand.

Both the dress and the veil were completely assembled and sewn by hand on a mannequin. The main materials are a net similar to a fishing net, manually embroidered with small sequins and glass beads. The second fabric is embroidered with real moonstone - also by hand. Both of these fabrics are made to order in India, at the factory with which WOS has been working for a long time - since the time of the brand's iconic “mirrors” and drop dresses, fabrics forfor which they created according to our sketches. A short veil opens up the neck and resembles brides from retro films, but the mix of textures makes it more modern. I hope that with this dress we managed to convey and emphasize Olya's lightness, sexuality, on the one hand, and seriousness, strength of character, on the other. "

Rasario Satin Dress


Rasario Dress Design “The Rasario dress creates the perfect 2000s look. I am delighted with the different variations of their camisole dresses and realized that I can't do without this. However, I wanted to make some nuances specially for myself. And it was very pleasant that Rasida's team took a close look at this and created a special outfit - exactly what I imagined. It turned out to be flawless. "


Rasario's creative director and founder Rasida Lakoba: “Olga Seryabkina turned to us for a lingerie-style dress for her new video. Then we did not know yet that this was a real wedding. Our brand has just presented the prêt-à-porter and Couture fall-winter 2020 wedding lines. We have proposed a solution in flowing satin. Two thin straps crisscrossing the back gracefully fix the product. The design of the bustier line is made in the form of an elegant "swing", the same solution delicately flirts in the lumbar region. While making the outfit, we stayed true to the brand's DNA: we emphasized the feminine curves of its owner and at the same time took into account the artist's wishes so that the dress would not hinder her movements. "

Traditionally, accessories are an important part of the bride's image (as well as any). Olga opted for Balenciaga shoes to highlight the perky mood of the WOS dress. And two other wedding looks were complemented by The Attico shoes: “I love this brand. I think this is a new classic - they fit everything. "




Balenciaga shoes The Attico sandals Not out of curiosity, but for the sake of completeness of the picture, we ask about the rings: “George chose the wedding rings. I completely trusted his taste and I really liked that he chose the elegant classics of Chopard. " Otherwise, the bride decided to stick to minimalism: the Rasario dress was supplemented with a Graff pendant, and the Ulyana Sergeenko dress with De Beers earrings.




Chopard wedding rings

The wedding ceremony took place in a small circle in a small town in the Alps, near Vienna. The festive dinner took place in Vienna itself. It was not by chance that the newlyweds chose Austria: “Vienna is my husband's second homeland, he lived here for more than ten years. We have already come here together: he showed his favorite places, and energetically I liked it very much. Plus, we both know German, so we're very comfortable here. " Even a small celebration in the conditions of closed borders was not easy to organize, but Olga and Georgy were satisfied in the end: “Everything turned out as we had planned: simple, tasteful and very touching”.






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