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Tina Kunakey in unexpected earrings with her own image


The other day, on her Instagram, Tina Kunakey posted a picture in very unusual earrings: her own photo was inserted into them. Tina Kunakey is photographed as if for a passport on the double jewelry: a minimum of make-up on her face, no smile, and her hair pulled back in a low ponytail.

The catchy decoration attracted the attention of fans: some compared them to fridge magnets, while others remembered the fashion of the 2000s, which saw the peak of printing their own image on T-shirts. Be that as it may, the fans were surprised by Tina Kunaki's "attack of narcissism" and their opinions were divided: someone considered such jewelry to be complete bad taste, and someone decided that there was something in it. We won't be surprised if in a couple of weeks all fashion influencers will wear such jewelry, changing Tina's photo to their own.

Jewelry “megalomania” is simultaneously drawn to fashionable kitsch and custom jewelry. Photo # 1 - Tina Kunakey in unexpected earrings with her own image






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