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Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey: 10 facts about the affair of the actor and the young model


At first no one thought that their romance would last longer than a few weeks. The age difference (31 years) is still quite significant. But the French actor Vincent Cassel and the Italian model Tina Kunakey have been together for two and a half years, and all points to a completely harmonious relationship. Tina says she is happy next to Vincent, and Cassel only smiles politely. What awaits a bright couple in the future?

We collected 10 interesting facts about the affair of the French star with a young model.

Tina and Vincent at the Paris Fashion Week, September 2017

1. He left Monica not because of Tina

Vincent Cassel lived with Italian film star Monica Bellucci for 18 years. At the end of August 2013, the Italian news agency Ansa reported the split of one of the most beautiful couples of European cinema (read: Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel: photo from the family album ). Since 2013, Cassel prefers to live in Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. In all probability, one of the reasons for the parting of the actor with Monica was his desire to live in Brazil, which Vincent loves so much.  Kunakey and Cassel met only in 2015.

2. And who is Cassel? Tina did not know

Vincent met Tina in Ibiza during the holidays. Kunakey once mentioned that at first she did not even think that her acquaintance was a famous actor. According to the girl, their acquaintance almost did not differ from millions of others. "Two people caught in the same place at the same time, who turned out to be attractive to each other. This is one of those wonderful surprises that happen in life, "- explained the girl.

Already as a couple, leaving Ibiza, 2016

3. Tina and Monica have a lot in common

Like Monica Bellucci, Tina grew up in Italy. Her father is a native of Morocco, her mother was born and raised in Sicily. As Kunakey says, her parents have been together for more than 25 years, and for her mother and father are the ideal role model. "My mother is tender, never screams, a real Italian mother. The father is strict, but he is the first person I turn to, if advice is needed. "

Like Bellucci, Kunakey began her modeling career and now can be seen on the pages of gloss and fashion shows. It is possible that in the future the girl will try herself as an actress.

Tina's Mom and Dad are together for 25 years(photo from Instagram)

4. The couple announced about their relationshipon Instagram

In August 2016, Tina published in a social network a joint photo with Vincent made on the beach of Ibiza. Secular observers started. Some even got agitated and began to gossip about a significant age difference  and crisis of the middle age of the French movie star. Cassel preferred to not discuss his private life with the press.

That very first joint photo on Instagram, August 1, 2016

5. Vincent showed that he was a young soul

A month before his 50th birthday (November 23, 2016), Cassel starred in a Cheveux Blancs music video of the young French rapper Black M. Vincent appeared in the image of an elderly rebel with gray hair and beard, who once again challenges society, and at the same time himself. "The embodiment of French carelessness, all the same La Cassel," - admired the French columnists.

6. The first joint exit of the pair took place at the Victoria's Secret parade in Paris November 30, 2016

Vincent and Tina walked together on the pink carpet of the famous fashion show Victoria's Secret in the Parisian Grand Palais. The eternal seducer officially announced his relationship. His gaze and the sly smile with which Vincent posed to photographers seemed to say: "Will you still ask me about the mid-life crisis?"

7. Tina likes to post her candid photos on Insta. Vincent too

Tina cooperates with many fashion houses, including Dior. A few weeks ago, the girl published a picture with a hashtag #DIORFORYOUTH. Fans delighted, the tabloids published a photo under the headlines like "Cassel's Beloved Showed Everything (Almost)." Vincent definitely is not against such frankness (which confirms the commentary to this photo: "I adore you, my friend"). It is in the style of La Cassel.

8. In November 2017, tabloids wrongly announced pair's separation

In November, there were split rumors. Someone from the secular columnists noticed that the actor and model unfollowed each other on Instagram. After a while Kunakey was spotted in New York in the company of rapper A $ AP Rocky.Later, observers recalled that Tina had long been familiar with A $ AP Rocky and a couple of years ago she starred in one of his music videos.

Another post with a subtext "Do not wait"

9. Cassel and Kunakey welcomed 2018 New Year in Rio.

And this important New Year couple welcomed in Rio. Here Cassel spends most of the time, the capital of Brazil for him, in fact, is his home. In honor of the onset of 2018, Tina published a spectacular romantic photo with her lover on the beach. Any specialist in body language will immediately say - Cassel's hand on the girl's hips is a message: "She's mine!".

New Year's message to all the hayters and sympathizers: "We are together."

10. Vincent confessed in love to Tina on Instagram

In one of the interviews, Tina spoke of a great love for Instagram. "I like the idea of ​​photographing interesting moments. To capture the moments that will not happen again, to share with your friends a small part of your life. "

The other day to share a really intimate moment decided himself Cassel. The actor has published on Instagram a romantic photo with a loved one at the moment of awakening with a caption:

This life is a dance from beginning to end.

I am happy and only God understands my joy.

I see in you everything I want.

And also added a hashtag #myoneandonly. Tina left a comment to this post Vincent, laconic and very understandable: "Mine." Romantic story continues.

The very post-recognition (and the exchange of comments by Tina and Vincent to him)

Vincent and Tina at the Alexandre Vauthier Couture Collection, January 23, 2018

Tina Kunakey at the Venice Film Festival, September 2017

Tina Kunakey at the Venice Film Festival, September 2017

Tina at the Jean Paul Gaultier SS17 show, January 2017



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