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Svetlana Loboda showed off a diamond engagement ring


35-year-old singer Svetlana Loboda (ex-soloist of the group "VIA Gra") shared a photo with a ring on her finger. Fans of the singer assumed that the father of the future child had proposed her. The singer did not officially name the father of her second child. 

Archive photo. Svetlana Loboda. Archive

A month ago, on March 10, Svetlana Loboda confirmed that she was seven months pregnant.

The singer has a daughter - Evangelina Tsar. The girl's father is a dancer, choreographer, worked with Svetlana Loboda's ballet and Freedom ballet. The couple split in 2014 year. Yesterday Svetlana Loboda (35) congratulated subscribers with Easter, having published a new photo in Instagram . But the fans of Loboda paid attention not to the congratulations of the singer, but to the fact that Svetlana now has a luxurious diamond ring on her "finger". The fans are sure that the performer has received an offer of a hand and a heart and is now preparing for a secret wedding. 

To give birth, by the way, Loboda went to America, to the elite clinic Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Kim Kardashian (37), Madonna (59), Britney Spears (36) and other celebrities gave birth to their children. It will cost 2.5-3 million rubles. 

Svetlana Loboda showed off an engagement ring with an impressive diamond. Svetlana shared a picture of the new jewelry piece on her Instagram. Perhaps Svetlana will soon marry the father of her child.

The name of her daughter is unknown. As well as who is the father of the child. However, the media believe that Loboda gave birth to the second daughter from soloist of the Rammstein Till Lindemann, whom she met in the summer of 2017 in Baku at the festival "Heat". The singer neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

Recall, Svetlana also has a daughter Evangelina, which she gave birth from the dancer Andrew Tsar.



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