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"Ring on a finger": Svetlana Loboda being congratulated on the engagement


Svetlana Loboda surprised fans.

Svetlana Loboda intrigued her Instagram followers by announcing that she has good news.

True, she has not yet said which one, promising that she will reveal her secret tomorrow. But the fans have already guessed what the performer wanted to say. The singer posted a photo of her on board a private jet. In the picture, Svetlana covered her eyes with her hands, as if expecting a pleasant surprise. And on her finger gleams a luxurious ring with a huge diamond. It was this that prompted the fans to think that Loboda was offered a hand and heart.

"A ring on a finger!", "Someone received a marriage proposal", "Is it really an engagement?", "A smart ring", "Everything is clear, this proposal", "It seems there will be a wedding", "Svetlana, congratulations, you are worthy of female happiness ", - they write in the comments.

Svetlana still keeps intrigue and does not disclose details. More cautious commentators, however, suggested that Loboda would announce news in creativity - a new track or a new album.


The assumption that Svetlana received an offer to get married is well founded. Earlier, the former concert manager of Loboda Stanislav Pshenitsyn said that the singer has a man - a very wealthy businessman from Great Britain. - At the moment, Sveta is doing very well financially. Not because she is a super-artist, but because a very wealthy man is next to her. And this is not the leader of the Rammstein group Till Lindemann, as they write in the press, but a certain businessman from London. Unfortunately, I cannot name him, '' Pshenitsyn said in an interview.

It was thanks to the support of an influential man that Loboda allegedly achieved such success and now feels financially independent. Before the coronavirus pandemic, Svetlana took 200 thousand euros for one performance at a corporate party (and once even received a record 400 thousand dollars for one private concert). With the arrival of COVID-19, many artists have curbed their appetites and lowered their performance fees. However, Loboda is still at the top of the list of the highest paid stars. The producer of the singer Natella Krapivina said that even during the quarantine, when many artists complained about lack of money and lack of work, Loboda always had orders.

- We were not so bad. There was work a couple of times a month. These are mostly some acquaintances, regular customers. Private board, all with coronavirus tests. Very tough, - said Krapivina. - Sveta is wildly afraid of all this, she went into quarantine before everyone else.

By the way, Pshenitsyn mentioned Till Lindemann for a reason: rumors that Svetlana have a daughter with the lead singer of the German rock band Rammstein appeared two years ago, as soon as the girl was born. Till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda met at a party at the Heat festival in July 2017. Even the name of the baby Loboda came up with an unusual - Tilda, as if hinting at who her father is. Loboda has an eldest daughter, 9-year-old Evangelina. The singer gave birth to her in a civil marriage with choreographer Andrei Tsar. The youngest daughter of the artist Tilda was born in the United States in the famous Los Angeles clinic of Cedar Sinai (all Hollywood actresses and show business stars - from Demi Moore to Britney Spears gave birth there).

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